Taurus the sign of Love and Money – Values and Ethics

April 19 – May 20, 2017


The Sun enters Taurus at 5:27 pm ET on April 19th. This methodical slow moving energy is a nice change if you have been feeling rushed lately. It is patient, thorough, dependable, trustworthy and steadfast. Taurus also governors how we feel about money, the things we value, sensual pleasure, aromas and taste, contentment, and material comforts.

Our Self-worth is discovered in Taurus and so are the things we feel strongly about, the things some might say we are stubborn about. We all have an inclination to get closer to nature this time of year, build solid foundations and persistence by progressing step by step. Not being in a hurry but being thorough and having a plan.

Self-worth includes awareness of personal needs, setting appropriate boundaries, strong values, determination, and self-acceptance. Taurus can be inflexible sometimes. Overly attached to things, resistant to change, possessive, holding narrow opinions, and stagnation.  Being stubborn can be good at times if that is not your nature, but being too stubborn will prevent growth.


Each zodiac sign rules a certain part of the body and that area may be a focus for right now too. The physical parts of the body Taurus is in charge of are the throat, chin, neck, thyroid gland, voice and vocal cords.

          Now what else is happening this month?

April 19-20 Mercury is still retrograde from last month and today it is conjunct the Sun at zero degrees of Taurus. This is not a powerful transit but reoccurring news can come up that may have first come up around March 31st. This is when Mercury was in the same location it is today. Best thing to do is slow yourself down a little bit today.


April 21st Mars enters Gemini for the next 6 weeks. It is time to talk and do a lot of writing but with Mercury retrograde right now we are more likely to think a lot and speak later. It has been two years since Mars was last in Gemini and we will all receive more information then we want. Our minds will be overly active and some people will talk our ears off.

We can get over stimulated when Mars moves through this sign for the next 6 weeks so take breaks from the news, social media, and things like that. All information will be coming at us at very quickly. April 21st through June 5th.

On a quick note Mars is the only planet this year that does not go retrograde; he moves from Pisces in January all the way to mid Scorpio December 31, 2017. Being a Gemini myself I imagine a stream ship on full speed ahead, horn blowing, with no stopping or slowing down. Anything you have between Pisces and Scorpio will be activated by Mars this year.


April 26: The New Moon in Taurus is 8:16 AM ET at 6 degrees of Taurus will usher in more of the info like I wrote about in the first few paragraphs. What you can do is set goals for yourself relating to Taurus energy, Self-esteem, values, earning more money etc.


On April 28 Mercury still retrograde and in Aries will conjunct Uranus. This energy is sharp and to the point. Old verbal wounds can surface, like a fight you had with a partner that he/she won’t let go of, they keep bringing up old wounds and old issues.

We all get very feisty when Mercury and Uranus are together in this sign so pay attention if you see an argument coming on; the air is ripe for it.

On a more metaphysical note, this conjunction can help us to receive messages from a higher source. If you are a channel/clairvoyant or someone who loves sound healing this is a wonderful time period for you, now through May 10th when Mercury will connect again with Uranus in forward motion you can take your work far and reach new heights in your skills.


May 1st Beltane/ May Day the Moon is in Cancer squaring Mercury and Uranus, and opposite Pluto.

Whatever you are doing today make sure and go slowly because this energy is fast and sudden which can create mistakes and accidents and overly emotional people. Let’s engage some of the Taurus energy still present, slow down and take control of your activities.


May 3rd Mercury is stationary today and moving direct but still hanging out with Uranus. Whatever comes up today is important because the zodiac degree Mercury is stationary at will mark an important event that will be activated over the next few lunar cycles, when the Moon touches that zodiac degree.

All you need to do is make a note of what seemed important to you on this day and once a month when the Moon is at 24 Aries you will get another opportunity to see more clarity in that situation.

The first lunar hit to 24 Aries after Mercury is Stationary is May 22nd, after this count out 28 days.


May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio. This Full Moon is very intense because the Moon is not a fan of being the Scorpio; it is overly emotional and can turn obsessive quickly. When we are too focused we lose the bigger picture and softness goes away. Not everyone will feel this intensity but most of us will in some way. It could be through our own need for a deep connection with our partner or through secrets that are being exposed for the world to see.

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct again today as well. So if you have had an argument with your partner then makeup sex might be the next step. Anytime the Moon is in Scorpio the answer is sex.


May 11th: Mercury will final find a way to calm down a little bit because she is trine Saturn and we also have Mars square Neptune today. This is wonderful for creativity and action. So if are the creative type then today has everything you need to get moving but after 1:00 pm ET

Mars trines Jupiter the next day and that is also an endless source of energy so plan to have fun and be creative as we come up to Mother’s Day.


May 14 is Mother’s Day and the Moon in Capricorn. Being traditional today will go a long way in making Mom happy. Even those who are no longer with us, we remember them in traditional ways for our families.


Have a wonderful month everyone and please, share this forecast where ever you find it just keep my info intact.


If you need me I am here. Check out my class page as I am teaching some non-Astrology classes based on Astrology. So you don’t need to be an Astrologer to take the classes. They are more about personal development.


Brightest blessings, Dorothy



The Sun in ARIES

March 20- April 19 2017


Aries is so many amazing things so sit back and learn a little bit about this sign and what the energies are like this time of year as the Sun moves through this part of the tropical zodiac.


At 6:29 am ET the Sun enters the sign of Aries. Aries is assertive and straight forward, he is all about new beginnings, independence, courage, initiating action, high energy, finding innovative approaches, and blazing new trails. It is self-focused and is here for self-discovery. The physical body is important to Aries as is survival issues, instincts, exploration, taking risks, eagerness, and competition. On the down side there can be a lack of awareness of others, selfishness, vanity, anger, impatience, impulsive action that alienates others.

So as we navigate this time of year, remember everyone is feeling a little edgy, self-focused and ready to take on the world.


On March 25th Retrograde Venus and Sun conjunct and this starts a new 8 year Venus cycle; on March 22nd she goes from being an evening star to a morning star on March 30th. I will be giving a talk on Venus and this subject at Magical Market place on March 25th. Go to the event page of my web site for more information.

With Venus retrograde, conjunct the Sun and in Aries we should be prepared for some warrior goddess energy, think Wonder Woman or Pallas Athena; strong and sexy. Venus in Aries is feisty and ready for anything; she wants what she wants and is prepared to get it for herself. We will all feel a little more feisty, selfish and independent in our relationships thanks to this energy. If we have a hard time with this energy, and some will, it can create sudden break ups because we are being too impulsive, so be aware of your behavior and use the Venus retrograde to get what you need in your relationship through asking questions and conversations instead of being so self-focused.

We also have Mars in Taurus while Venus is in Aries through April 2nd. This is called mutual reception, Venus is in Mars natural sign and Mars is in Venus’s natural sign. When planets are like this they are connected, this means on some level they are speaking to each other and thus will work together, sometimes it is helpful other times not so much. In this case it is difficult, both of these planets are not happy in the signs they are in and Venus is retrograde. So we can expect a lot of adjustments being made in our love relationships from March 22nd to April 2nd, if you have any problems already that you are ignoring this mutual connection will bring it to your attention so it can be worked on. We always have to make adjustments when it comes to relationships and right now we will not be able to ignore it. We may also have to figure something out relating to our finances and support because Venus and Taurus are also about finances and the things we value. There is a big collective shift happening right now in regards to what is important and most valuable.


March 26 Mercury and Uranus conjunct. This is fantastic for the creative mind; we can be sharp and come up with some amazing ideas. It is a great day for brain storming new ideas because we feel edgy and progressive. Let the new ideas flow.


New Moon in Aries on March 27th is like the 2nd paragraph above. We should set goals related to these Aries traits. Where would you like to action in your life? Do you need some courage to take a step forward? Are you interested in starting a new project? I always write a full forecast for the New Moon, so you can get more details using the forecast New/Full Moon tab on my web site.


March 30th Retrograde Jupiter will be square to Pluto. Jupiter is about support and expansion, with Pluto involved and at a hard aspect we will need to be careful not to over step boundaries when it comes to our relationships. This is because Jupiter is still in Libra, the sign of partnerships and relationships. Around the 30th be sure and give yourself and your partner (love or business) some much needed space so they too can have what they need and not feel like they or you are being controlled.


On April 6th Saturn goes retrograde on May 8th the planet will be at 26 degrees of Sagittarius which is known as the Galactic Center. It is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and the source of energetic particles that bathe the Earth. With the recent years of the Sun being fairly quiet and Earth’s magnetic field weakening a bit, these energetic particles (infrared and gamma particles) have been able to make their way into the Earth’s energy field. These particles are thought to open up the sub-conscious mind, urging us to both release old emotional wounds and traumas and also to engage our New Paradigm roles. In fact, the Galactic Center acts as a transmitter of Divine Consciousness. (I took this paragraph from an article I found on the web). It is not my field of understanding but it makes sense.


During Saturn’s retrograde period April 6th to August 25th it is a time to cultivate discipline, patience and self-restraint. Transiting Saturn retrograde represents a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear of not knowing the future. During the previous months since Saturn entered the retrograde zone which was on December 31st, you will have been dealing with particular issues involving your duties and responsibilities as they relate to your dependents and career and how well you are educated. We get extra time to take stock and make sure everything is in order before moving forward thanks to Saturn retrograde.  We may be tested; Saturn loves testes, to make sure we are ready to take on any extra responsibilities. The lessons we learn might be hard but they will be valuable. If we are being true to ourselves then this long transit will bring in the things we need.

April 9th – to May 3rd Mercury enters his 2nd retrograde period of the year at 4 degrees of Taurus. The communication style of Mercury in Taurus is slow and methodical; words mean something so pay close attention to what people are saying to you. During retrogrades we are also being asked to slow down and take our time, go within and listen to yourself, do any research that needs to be done. On April 21st Mercury moves back into Aries and I will talk about that in the Taurus report as well as when he goes direct on May 3rd.

April 11th 2:08 am ET or April 10th 11:08 pm if you live on the west coast; we have the Full Moon in Libra at 21 degrees. The things we should be focusing on during the Full Moon in Libra are: our relationships, teamwork, partnerships, giving and receiving support, and cooperation, our Marriages, negotiation skills, harmony, teamwork, diplomacy, refinement, and healing codependency. Any partnership is up for examination during a Full Moon so we can release what is no longer working. This also includes our business partnerships as well. Focus on what is fair and balanced and just like the New Moon forecast I will write and video record something just for the Full Moon. So come back when the time is right.


On April 14th the Sun and Uranus conjunction is a powerful aspect that can provoke rebelliousness and eccentric behavior in even the calmest of persons. You may also have a major breakthrough where you least expect it.

Also with Uranus getting so many hits this year we could have some major medical breakthroughs with genetics and DNA.


Venus moves direct on April 15th in Pisces it will take her till May 4th to get beyond the point she went retrograde. So slow steady healing in our relationships and around money, this is good thing because during her retrograde there would have been many karmic relationships going through deep changes.


Much love and blessings, Dorothy



February 18th to March 20th 2017

The Sun will enter Pisces on February 18th at 6:31 am EST, the last zodiac sign. In its highest form this sign is related to unification, universal love and compassion, understanding that we are all one. At this moment we are also in the last quarter of the Moon and between eclipses. This means we are at a time where we can start to see the benefit of the work we have done before now, maybe simply over the last few weeks or over the last 5 months, energy coming from the last group of eclipses in September 2016.

The Moon is growing in light and that means we are able to see, through other people, our accomplishments and achievements. What kind of people are around you now? Are you surrounding yourself with positive spiritual people that have a loving attitude, are we willing to forgive and have compassion in our hearts?

I hope so because the other side of Pisces energy is more centered on illusion, dilution, fear of the unknown, escapism, being untruthful, being lied to and not being able to see the truth because we do not want to see the truth.

Maybe we can’t handle the truth and it is easier to put on those rose colored glasses and see life filtered from a much softer place.

What side of this line you end up on this month will certainly depend on you, but then again the line is blurred when it comes to Pisces anyway so we may never know.


Now read on and I will tell you about a few of the significant things we will witness over the month of Pisces and my thoughts on how to use them.

Mercury still lingers in Aquarius even though the Sun has moved on and that means we are still feeling those Aquarian vibes when it comes to getting around and communicating.

Mercury in Aquarius is full of brilliant and innovative ideas, this is perfect for those scientific minds and anyone who needs to think outside of the box or wants to rally a group into a cause. We have seen a lot of this already since January 20th but this takes things to another level. It is not just about protesting and speaking up, it is now about taking further action as never before.

So what cause are you getting behind? What rings your bell so much that you would go out and speak up and make a difference? On February 20th Mercury connects with Uranus and we will be impulsive and able to take action quickly.

February 21st Mercury will connect with Jupiter and that increases our power and desire to make things happen.

On the 23rd the Moon enters Aquarius and will be there for the next 2 ½ days; when the Moon is in Aquarius we lean more toward being analytical then emotional and this will feed Mercury at another level so even more communications will occur.


Back on February 22nd Mars and Pluto are squaring off and this is very different energy from anything I have written so far. Mars in Aries is direct and wants what it wants, right now and with no waiting, it is impulsive and self-focused, when squaring Pluto this adds a level of deep intensity and can create transformation where we least expect it through sudden changes, anger coming out of nowhere and can be violent in some cases. We should be cautious on a day like this and aware of the energy we are putting out into the world as it does return to us. That means be careful and aware of your own impulsiveness.


Sunday February 26th we have our second Eclipse of the month. It is the New Moon Solar eclipse, at 8 degrees of Pisces. We also have Mars and Uranus conjunct at 21 Aries; these two conjunctions are so very different but we have to deal with them both at the same time so read on and I will fill you in.


This Solar eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces also engages with the planet Neptune and so our spiritual powers are increased. If you love to do work with spirit, angels, ghosts or faith based religions this eclipse will move you into another world. The Sun Moon and Earth are in perfect alignment during eclipses which intensifies the power we draw on when doing spiritual work so take your time before you do any New Moon rituals or prayer and get yourself into a holy place. Sit down and do some meditations, send someone love, forgive yourself or someone who needs it, engage your compassionate and loving heart. These are things we should do when we have an eclipse in the sign of Pisces and when it is a New Moon.


Now not everyone will feel this Eclipse in Pisces in a spiritual way, some people who are not into spirituality may simply feel overly emotional, a bit spacey and not sure of themselves.

Then we have Mars and Uranus conjunct this transit will have a kick to it, we feel the sudden desire to be assertive aggressive and to take action without thinking. This is good if you are naturally a passive person, it is motivating. It is not so good if you are already an assertive or aggressive person because you might go too far. During this transit we will move quickly and that can cause issues like accidents and speaking out of turn saying the wrong things because we can’t help ourselves.

This Mars Uranus energy can also help us to wake up! It is like waking from a long sleep or the spell of illusion maybe it feels like waking from a dream for some people. One thing I know for sure about these two transits is many of us will wake to see the truth, whatever that is for you. The spell of illusion is over.


I also think with all the Aries energy shaking things up during the Pisces Eclipse this will help so we can actually anchor in some new spiritual vibes. Aries breaking away the old and stale, Pisces ushering in the beginning of the new wave of energy a New Earth if you will.  


On February 27th Mars and Jupiter are in an opposition, Jupiter is in relationship oriented Libra, Mars in self- focused Aries. Jupiter is also opposite to Uranus on March 2nd so I will speak of these together.

Jupiter will inflate the feelings of Mars and Uranus making us more aware of where change needs to occur. The focus will be on our relationships and partnerships and how we are engaged in them. Am I getting what I need? Is my partner feeling that too? Where is the balance and how do we find it? Some people will be impulsive and break free quickly from troublesome relationships and other people will want to ride it out and work on the issues. Either way many of us will be getting a big overhaul this year with our most important relationships because we need it.



Aquarius January 19th to February 18th 2017


On January 19 at 4:24 pm the Sun enters Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Meaning ideas will stick, being creative and having innovative ideas is now the first thing we think about. We may be inspired to change or break the rules just because we can. We are feeling a bit like a rebel and we are willing to rally for the underdog.

The main question here is where are you feeling edgy and in need of a big overhaul? It is like electricity in the air during a thunder storm; we feel it coming but not sure where it will hit.

It is never easy to plan much when the Sun is in Aquarius because he either has his mind made up already or he is inspired to hop on a plane and go save the world. Now in your own personal life it might not be that dramatic but you get my point, I hope.

Of course knowing your own chart and where Aquarius resides will help you to personalize this information even more.


So what else is happening that we should be aware of for the month of Aquarius besides breaking all the rules?

We have Venus in Pisces and when she is in this sign she is romantic and will fall in love easily. Overlooking any flaws your current lover may have because you are “Soul Mates” after all.

Not everyone is in a relationship such as this and for those of you, you can enjoy listening to beautiful music, visiting an art gallery, meditation or finding a new spiritual group to join. We value our romantic love and our spiritual lives during the time Venus spends in Pisces so put on the rose colored glasses and have a beautiful time.

There is a warning to this too. We can get so caught up in our love affair or spiritual practices that we fail to see the reality of life our current situation.

Starting on January 29th Venus will be in the shadow area of the upcoming retrograde she will experience in March. This means we need to slow down, Venus will be at the same location she is now, mid-January, again in April after her retrograde. I’ll tell more about that in due time.


January 27th we have the New Moon in Aquarius; during New Moons we want to look ahead and set goals relating to the zodiac sign the Moon is in.

Aquarius is in charge of being unique, inventive, thinking outside the box, humanity, and the collective consciousness. Our acquaintances, groups of people, and organizations that we are interested in. It is also the sign of our hopes and dreams. I also like to add that Astrology and anything technology is also ruled by Aquarius.

So if any of these things ring a bell for you then step up, make some New Moon goals and wishes by writing out what you want to achieve over the coming months and then take steps toward these goals.


January 28th Mars enters his own sign of Aries and finally feels himself again, he hates being in the water sign of Pisces like he has been over the last 6 weeks. All he could do there was in the realm of sprit and he loves being psychical.  He is spontaneous in his own sign, loves taking a chance on anything, very sexual and passionate, and full of excitement. He will inspire anyone just because he is nonstop movement and that can be contagious. That is what the cardinal signs are all about. Motivating others and taking action.


January 29th Mercury and Pluto are conjunct and that is deep probing conversations and investigations. If you have a need to know something very deep today is a good day to start your research.


Between January 31st and February 2nd Mercury will square off with Uranus and Jupiter creating a pattern called a “T” square. I am going to repeat some words here. This is innovative and inspirational for those of you who love to write and those who are in the business of talking. Expect some fabulous conversations over the week; and if you are in sales make sure and follow through with your clients.


February 3rd Venus enters Aries. Venus is not really happy in Aries, it is too aggressive and pushy for this lady that wants love and comfort. In Aries she is wants her own way and is not thinking about anyone else but her own needs. There is a strong need for independence and that creates separation in many relationships.

Relationships started during this time of Venus in Aries and in her shadow can be passionate and we may be quick to fall in love, but it is just as easy to fall out of love. It is tempting because Venus in Aries is highly sexual so if a relationship started on purely as a sexual connection then during this retrograde period it will be tested to see if it is true love.

February 6th Jupiter will go retrograde for the next 4months. Because nothing can expand forever this is good for philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. This is our goal dealing with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness and success in our partnerships and relationships.

          On February 10th we have the first eclipse of the year. It is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 22 degrees of Leo. It is part of a pattern called The Star of David a 6 pointed star related to the Venus cycle around the planet. Meaning this Full Moon is love related just by association with all the other planets around us in the solar system. We need to be surrounded by love these days and this pattern is doing it for us. Now on to the meaning of this eclipse and I will write a separate report for this that is more detailed later.

Full Moons always show us what we need to see, what may be hidden or something we have hidden from ourselves. When in Leo we feel the need for attention, love and romance, creativity, generosity, celebration and fun, along with determination, and tempering arrogance. If any of these things feel a little irritating to you then get out your paper and pencil and write down what it is you need to release in the categories above and burn your paper.

I see another issue with this Eclipse; is it is on Trumps, Mars and ASC/DC. He will be the center of attention in some way. This is huge…..   So if you need a break from the stress that is around you the best way to do that with this Moon is by playing in true Leo fashion. When life gets tough; play to lighten up the situation.

February 14th Valentine’s Day we have the Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra. The presser is on to find that perfect gift for your mate. Good thing you are reading this and have an advanced notice, start shopping now.

The Sun will enter Pisces on February 18th at 6:31 am ET and I will report on that later.


Metaphysical forecast for 2017: A March surprise for President Trump? Will Gatsas return as mayor? Will Chief Willard take a new job?


MANCHESTER, NH – It’s that time of year, when our minds race ahead to all the possibilities, sort of like wanting to read the last page of a book you’ve just started, to see if it’s worth reading to the end.

Last year we asked three local soothsayers – Astrologer Dorothy Morgan, Numerologist Angie D’Anjou, and Psychic Medium Raven Duclos – to give us a clue. It was so much fun, we decided to ask them to take a crack at 2017.

See what they had to say about the world, President Trump, the city of Manchester and the overall vibe of the coming year.
Read the rest here Manchester Ink Link.

Capricorn December 21 to January 19, 2017


Capricorn is logical, practical, down to earth, realistic and fundamental. When the Sun moves through this part of the zodiac once a year we all become just a little bit serious whether we like it or not.

We start Capricorn with Mercury already retrograde in the sign of Capricorn; it started on December 19th and will go through January 8th.


Since the month starts with Mercury retrograde my recommendation is we slow down and take things one step at a time. Even before Mercury is retrograde he is a bit dysfunctional it is called “Out Of Bounds” and that is where the miss communications come from. We are not getting a clear signal from the planet and that in turn will slow us down due to misunderstanding and miss information. So no matter what else I talk about in this report; remember to keep things simple and take it slow all month long. Slow and to the point, methodical and orderly is the nature of Capricorn anyway so Mercury here is just fine. This retrograde does not have to be troublesome like many people think it is if we just pay attention.


On Christmas Eve December 24th Saturn and Uranus are together in an easy aspect, this is perfect for thinking outside the box when it comes to business or planning. I know Christmas Eve, who is working that night? No one for the most part so one way to use this transit would be to write down your amazing ideas and save it for when you get back work.

We will be feeling this aspect for a week or so before today so who knows you may be done with this energy already. This aspect is not necessarily family related at all but if you have lots to do on Christmas Eve after the children go to bed, like wrapping gifts then “you’ve got this”.

Christmas Day the Moon is in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius making some easy aspects creates a unique day of fun and entertainment with lots of technology.


December 26th is the 1st of three oppositions between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The other 2 are on March 2, 2017 and September 28, 2017. This transit can indicate a sudden and dramatic change in our lives; ranging from simply a break in our routine to a breakdown in a relationship, a career, way of life or change in your beliefs. The details of this transit that will last most of 2017 will depend on where the planets are in your chart but read on I will tell you more.

Uranus went retrograde in July from then until now we have had people being rebels all over the planet. People are sick and tired of being oppressed and the same old thing. Uranus is all about shaking it up and ushering in change. Sometimes we are so ready for change that we throw everything away even the things that were working for us.

A few weeks before Uranus went retrograde (June 26, 2016) we had Great Britain leaving the European Union, what a huge surprise that was sending shockwaves through the financial world. Our biggest view of this here in the U.S. is in the political field, radical change was wanted and we have it.

We also have the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, South Dakota. All of these things and more are revolutionary actions and it doesn’t stop for a few more years.

Over the coming months, through April 2017, Uranus will retrace his steps back to where he was in July 2016; during this time we will see the consequences of our actions and make more changes. The whole year 2017 will have this theme.


December 28th is the New Moon in Capricorn and that forecast is posted on my website here http://nhastrologer.com/forecasts/new-moon-full-moon/   you can go there to read it in a separate article. But in a nut shell the New Moon is all about creating a new foundation where it is needed.


New Year’s Eve Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, drinking will be extra affective today/tonight so be careful were you drink. People will not know what their boundaries are and misunderstanding can also be part of the day.


Mercury will be stationary on January 8th, like I said at the beginning of this report the day any planet moves forward or back it is basically standing still “stationary”. These are the days we have communication issues and it feels as if nothing is moving. On this day Mercury is at 28 Sagittarius, at the end of 2017 Mercury will also station and then go retrograde at this same degree. That means today has a special message so pay attention. 11 ½ months from now we will have the same issue or subject arise.

What does the world look like at the beginning of the year? Will it look the same at the end of 2017? I don’t think so we are in for many changes this year on a global level as well as personally.


The Full Moon on January 12th is at 22 Cancer 6:34 am ET but will be “Void of Course” at that very minute. During a VOC Moon we are instructed not to do anything new, don’t start a new project or set goals etc. Perfect! The Full Moon is about releasing anyway so tonight do your own ritual around letting go.

I will write a forecast about that when it gets closer, but I am sure you get the idea.


January 19th Mars squares Saturn; these two together can create stress and frustration for some people. We want things to move faster than they are moving.

Other people will feel this transit as a motivating factor and a way to control actions and be more focused. If you have Mars square Saturn in your natal chart, like I do, it will be felt even stronger because this energy is part of your original makeup. Focusing and getting work done is easy to do.

On January 19th the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius and that will be next month’s report.

Gratefully in service, Dorothy

Astrological and Intuitive Forecast

For Sagittarius 2016

November 21 to December 21


As we enter into the Sagittarius time of year 4:22 pm ET on November 21st to December 21 this year. Remember to have fun! Sagittarius loves to play, loves to learn and loves the truth. So be honest with yourself over the coming weeks, take a break here and there from the serious things in life and live, have fun and be your authentic self.

During this first week of Sagittarius we get to enjoy Thanksgiving, it is this way every year and we all know the partying begins now.

In this first week there are few transits that I want to talk about. Mercury sextile Jupiter easy breezy conversations, this is wonderful considering some families have a hard time speaking easily to each other.

At the same time Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius. On one hand Mercury and Saturn together creates structured conversations about history and our past not overly lighthearted but not bad either; both are in Sagittarius and that means our conversations can also include world events and learning experiences. Not a bad transit for a week when lots of friends and family gather from all over the world.

On Thanksgiving Day and the day before the Libra Moon assists us in being diplomatic and hopefully helping us to balance everything that is coming our way during this holiday.

With Jupiter and Pluto also square this week we have an opportunity to repair, restore or rebuild something that has completely fallen apart in our lives. The Sagittarius energy that is present gives us hope that we can do anything.

Between the 25th and 29th Venus connects with expansive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus. Be careful of impulse purchases. If you plan to do Black Friday shopping or shopping this last week of November do your best to plan ahead, you will be happy in January when the bills come in.

The New Moon on November 29th in Sagittarius is optimistic and emotionally adventurous and independent. I typically write a forecast for the New and Full Moons so you will receive that in your email inbox soon.

December 2nd Mercury enters Capricorn where he will stay till February because he retrogrades later in the month. What is Mercury in Capricorn all about? It is about being wise, a careful thinker and speaker, having credibility and seeking knowledge. This is a good opportunity to pick back up an old subject you never finished learning about.

Mercury moves fast in his normal rate of speed but he will retrograde soon and so he is slowing down. With that we have a wonderful opportunity to slow down as well and think things through just a little bit more. When Mercury goes retrograde on December 19th 5:55 am ET this a day we feel like time is standing still.

The Electoral College will vote today and there are many people holding their breath wishing for something to change that has been law for eons. Nothing will change in that regard today but we will feel as if time is standing still.

On December 6th Mars and Uranus will be in the last easy aspect with each other for a while; they will make a big impact in February. This sextile is simple and over the next few days we might all feel a little extra energy and spark in life.

December 7th Venus enters Aquarius for the next 3 weeks. When she is in this sign we feel like standing out in the crowd whether it by the cloths we wear or the causes close to our hearts that need our support. Over the coming 3 weeks if Venus or Aquarius is strong in your chart you will feel a bit rebellious is many different ways. Have fun, step out of your box, on to your soap box and dare to be different.

December 13th the Full Moon is in Gemini is always a fun ride and never boring. Be ready to either have a lot of conversations or to have your ear talked off. I will write a separate forecast for this too.

December 19th Mercury is retrograde as mentioned above and on December 21st the Sun enters Capricorn. I will write about that later.

Each week I create video blog and I also create a video for the two moon cycles. That is three written forecasts and 6 video forecast every month. This Gemini loves it.

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Blessings, Dorothy



Be flexible and ready it is that simple. Mercury retrograde can cause miss-communications, memory lapses, travel delays, computer glitches, cable outages and the like. But, many of these problems can be minimized or avoided if you’re prepared to adjust, remain flexible and are open to changing your mind or changing your plans. During this period being prepared for anything and not being set in your way will get much further along than resisting change.

Keep on top of things. Pay close attention to details as well as the big picture. Review all plans, double and triple-check your schedule. Clarify and confirm all your communications. Be detail-oriented reorganize your desk. Reevaluate your work, rethink, and rest. Anything that starts with an “RE” is what you want to do when Mercury is back tracking.

Remember stuff happens and not everything that goes wrong during this time needs to be blamed on Mercury.


Despite everything, Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear. It’s something to tune into, use this time as an opportunity to rest and reflect on the choices that you’ve made, look backwards rather than forwards for a just a short period of time.

Take this time to evaluate the things you haven’t resolved. This is an ideal time to complete works in progress, to review our goals in your everyday life and pay attention to our health. Backing off on the criticism of self and others during this time is good idea as well.

With Mercury retrograde in his own sign of Gemini this time the affects will be easy to see because Mercury is in his own sign and that can compound the energy. It is also in an air sign, each time Mercury is retrograde this year it will be in an Air sign, and that means we as a collective need to change our minds about something.

Those things will vary from person to person because Gemini is placed in different locations in everyone’s chart. But as a collective we are all shifting our perspective about something; as individuals we are all looking at something very personal, which in turn will shift the collective.

So take your time over this period, move as slowly and purposefully as you can. Whatever breaks down, work on building it back up if it is worth saving, you decide, that is whole reason for this retrograde. To reconsider how we communicate to the world and to ourselves. And please make sure and look at your inner dialog too, how are you speaking to yourself? Are you as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend, to your family?

Check into that you will be surprised if you listen closely how hard we all tend to be on ourselves. Be kind and be gentle with everyone even yourself.

Here is a lesson for you about Mercury.

Astronomy: The First planet, the hottest & quickest moving planet (not counting the Moon), never more than 28 degrees from the Sun (never 2 signs from the Sun), roughly 1 year period thru the signs of the Zodiac as seen from Earth.

Principles: Perception, communication, articulation, co-ordination, adaption, education, interaction, inter-connection, comprehension, clarification, conception, apprehension.

Actions: Understanding, talking, expressing, debating, attending, listening, seeing, knowing, analyzing, discriminating, scrutinizing, convincing, exploring, studying, investigating, experimenting, inquiring, interviewing, questioning.

The Gifts of Mercury: Mercury at its highest bestows the gifts of being a Voice of the Spirit, advancing the understanding of humanity, broadening the outlook, raising the consciousness, opening and changing minds, bringing the unconscious to consciousness.

The lessons Mercury has to learn: Honesty, to look beyond one’s own viewpoint, to persevere, to seek greater depth of understanding, to see how thoughts affect feelings & health, to descend from the mind into the heart and body, patience with those who have trouble articulating, to create instead of improvise, to aim towards and not away from.


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