Sagittarius November 21 thru December 21, 2017


The Sun enters Sagittarius at 10:05 pm ET November 21st. Sagittarius is fiery, exciting, willing to learn and share knowledge. Sag loves exploring the world through travel, emersion, books or stories. Sagittarius is the truth speaker of the zodiac and depending on a few other things may be known for saying too much even when not appropriate.

I personally enjoy Sagittarius because it is a fun time of year thanks to the adventurous and independent nature of this sign.


The first big thing that happens this month is Neptune turning direct after being in retrograde motion for 5 months. It is on November 22nd. The retrograde motion of all the planets from Jupiter to Pluto is normal every year so we won’t make a big deal out of that. What is important here is where in your chart does Neptune stop to go forward?

Since mid-June Neptune has been retrograde and that means we look within to find answers to our Spiritual questions. This doesn’t mean we can’t employ the help of others if we are trying to learn and understand ourselves but the true teacher with Neptune retrograde is our inner wisdom.

Wherever Neptune is now in your chart is an important placement for deeper understanding of your own unconscious mind, so look at your birth chart and see where 11 Pisces is and understand we will not have clear picture of our internal journey for a few more months. Neptune needs to move ahead a little before we can see more of the results of his transit. Just like being in a fog, it takes some time to clear, but it always does.


On Thanksgiving Day the Moon is Void of Course till 3:14 pm ET. The meaning of this is stick to a routine, plan ahead; don’t leave things to chance if this day and what it means to you is important. You see when we have a “Void of Course Moon” it is like hitting neutral in the car, we just coast along under the speed already built up.

Plus with the last connection the Moon made was to Uranus this could mean we are breaking from tradition. Are you?


Saturday the 25th Mercury and Uranus are in an easy aspect and the Moon is moving through Aquarius. I love this; it is a day full of new and wonderful ideas. Make sure and have a note book near because many of us will be inspired with wondrous thoughts and easily guided by source if we have created enough space for that. That means try and stay in the flow and not get overly stressed about life.


Monday November 27th Venus in Scorpio makes a hard aspect to Uranus in Aries. Venus in Scorpio is looking for the deeper connection in her relationships; this hard aspect to Uranus in Aries says I need my freedom and we need to be flexible. Hanging on too hard during a transit like this will leave you with bloody fingers.


Tuesday November 28th Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius this means we might go overboard and reveal too much when it comes to saying what we mean because we have to tell the truth today. We have this transits two more time as well, December 7th and January 12th.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 1-3 are busy days. Friday Venus moves away from the overly serious nature of Scorpio and into Sagittarius early in the morning. This means how we feel about relationships and the things we value will shift from obsessive and compulsive to needing freedom and living life to the fullest true to our own nature.


On Saturday the 1st the Mars opposition to Uranus is wild and can activate or ignite the fire between you and your partner. This can have both positive and negative effects; all depends on how you are feeling this day.

This transit of Mars triggers the same connection Jupiter had with Uranus back in the end of February, into March and also felt in July. Look back to see if you were having an issue in any of these months that needs more attention now because Mars is action and we are ready to dive in and figure this out…….


Saturday December 2nd Jupiter and Neptune are in a trine aspect, this is a good week for creating, being artistic and engaging in the spiritual practices that mean something to you.

But at the same time Mercury is stationary and will go retrograde in the middle of the night at the 29th degree of Sagittarius with the Full Moon a few hours away. This is an important day and not just because of the retrograde. Any final degree of a mutable sign is critical and Saturn will be moving over this number December 12th to the 20th. This is why keeping a journal of some kind is so important. Even a few words every day to remind you what was happening. In the future I will tell you look back to this point in the calendar.


So what will happen? Of course things do vary from person to person but with Mercury at the final degree of Sag we may put our foot in our mouths. Sometimes no matter what we just have to say what we are thinking and to hell with the consequences, the truth must be revealed.

We may see the truth be revealed about foreign countries and policies, a public figure may put his/her foot in their mouth for everyone to see. Depending on your chart a hidden truth could be shown to you. Lies stripped away.

But still the biggest harm Mercury in Sag can do even as a retrograde planet is us saying too much and then having to back track, apologize or make amends for something we have said.

When Saturn gets to the 29th degree in December; if you been holding back or you have not done personal work in regards to what you believe in, then you will feel a sense of urgency, feel like you have forgotten something or like everything you have done over the last 2 ½ years has either been a lie or a waste of time. This may not be true but we may feel like we have one last thing to do.


The Full Moon on December 3rd/4th is in Gemini at 11 degrees 10:47 am ET. This Full Moon has Neptune at the midpoint in Pisces, squaring both the Sun and Moon.


In a nut shell if there has been miscommunication in a relationship or partnership over the last few days then this Full Moon may reveal the issue at hand. Both the Sun and Moon square to Neptune creates a level of confusion and misunderstanding that will not be clear for a while.


On December 6th we have a collection of transits that are all connected. Retrograde Mercury conjunct Saturn again and Mars is at a sextile to them both. So we have discipline, self-control, taking action to start a conversation or revisit a conversation held the last time Mercury was conjunct Saturn. But in all honesty Mercury and Saturn have been conjunct since November 28th because Mercury has only moved a couple degrees in all that time. So over the last week conversation, communications, and getting around have been very slow. With Mars connecting to Mercury and Saturn we will get things moving, even if it is about redoing something.


The next big occurrence in the sky is on December 9th and that is when Mars enters Scorpio, the sign he is co-ruler of with Pluto. He is home there for the next 7 weeks so be prepared for some intensity wherever you have your Scorpio. If you know where this in your chart, which houses, you can look to those areas of life and spend some time immersing yourself into that area of life. This will satisfy Scorpio nicely.


The week of December 11th is a slow one and the overall theme is to work on letting go or releasing some of the things your immersion into is bringing up for you.

I say this because we are in the final lunar cycle for this zodiacal month too and that is all about releasing what is not working anymore.


Retrograde Mercury is connecting again too many of the planets he touched back in the 3rd week of November so look back to that time and you will get a clue as to what you are redoing during this week as well as the Balsamic Moon cycle that wants us to rest and regroup.


The New Moon at 26 Sagittarius is on Sunday December 17th at 10:30pm PT – Monday December 18th 1:30 am ET. This New Moon is conjunct Saturn and also near the same degree to where Mercury went retrograde. Set some new goals related to exploration, learning, adventure, fun, or being independent. To me one of the best ways to learn is to experience things and this New Moon in Sagittarius agrees.


On December 19th Saturn changes signs and moves into his own sign of Capricorn, he will be in this sign for the next 2 ½ years. Ushering in a level of structure and boundaries we have not seen since Nov. 1988 to Feb. 1991.

We need to look at our history to see what was going on then because we will have some similar things going now. Of course we will be looking at things from a much older perspective.

Example: I was just starting my Astrology studies a lifelong journey, so I expect something else will come to the surface for me to learn or to teach you about.

I was also taking over the family business back then and working my ass off running the flower shop I grew up in and also raising my young children. On top of all that my marriage was now failing and that eventually ended. It was a busy couple of years that put my life on a different track.

What we can be certain of now with Saturn in Capricorn is this: if something comes to your attention that feels serious go with that, be serious, pay attention, take charge, learn more, be the authority. Teach if you are drawn to that, step into the things you know you are good at. Get rid of the excess and live within your means. This is not the time to overdo anything, it is time be serious, time to understand what your boundaries and limitations are and build off of that.

You could add additional education to your résumé so you are more marketable than ever. I know this is not a lot of fun but it is a time to set yourself above the rest so you feel safe and secure for the next cycle.

The Sun in Scorpio October 22/23 – November 21, 2017


The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd at 10:27 pm on the west coast of U.S. and October 23rd at 1:27 am ET.

This is the time of year when we start to recognize that all life has a cycle. In the northern hemisphere we are preparing for winter, most things outside are dyeing and returning to the earth.

The first holy day we have in Scorpio is Halloween also known as Samhain for the Pagan people. This time of year congers up images of ghosts, spirits, and the walking dead all of which are Scorpio related.


Facts about the zodiac sign Scorpio; it is a water sign and fixed ruled by Mars and Pluto; water signs are known to be emotional and deeply connected to feelings and the people they love.

During the time the Sun moves through the Scorpio area of the zodiac belt we might become obsessed about something or someone in healthy or unhealthy ways. Scorpio wants to know every detail of a situation so it can fully understand it.

So when the Sun enters this sign everyone gets a chance to feel a little deeper, go a little deeper, and investigate your interests on a deeper level. I will go into that now and also get to some of the stand out transits of the month we call Scorpio.


Scorpio is amazing energy for transformation, wherever you hold your Scorpio in your astrology chart you are already use to profound changes happening throughout your life. This is nothing new or to be fearful of, I am simply saying if you are looking to transform or change something that has been stagnant for a while, once the Sun enters Scorpio we can begin our transformation and search for self – mastery.

Also with Jupiter in that sector of our birth charts as of October 10th, what you read here will be running in the back ground till November 8, 2018.


The 3 basic things main stream astrology likes to say about Scorpio are; he rules death, sex and taxes. And we have already gone deeper than just that. If you know by now you know I am an optimist and I like to see the bright side of everything, even the lord of the underworld.

Scorpio rules shared resources and resources outside of the paycheck, like loans and credit cards, inheritances.

Sometimes Scorpio can show up as power struggles with mates or close friends. Maybe there is a need to go over some financials with the bank or IRS or maybe not. I am giving you possibilities not certainties.


What else do we want to focus on during this time when we can make some significant changes in our lives? Transformation is another one of the key words for Scorpio and when I hear that I think of the Shaman. They are well known for taking a person into the underworld and bring them back out. If you are looking to make a healthy change in your life now would be the time to break down old beliefs that no longer work for you and time to start something new that changes you.


Deep connections are also a part of Scorpio and so sex and soul mates can come up too. I think the hardest part of Scorpio is when we get emotionally connected to someone or something and we can’t let it go.


Let’s now move on to some other details for the month.


Mars enters Libra on October 22nd; we will feel a new level of intensity in our relationships. Taking action where we may not have over the last year while Jupiter was moving through Libra. If anything is out balance now in regards to partnerships and relationships Mars in Libra will insist we straighten things out.

Mars in Libra will also get our creative juices flowing if they have been stagnating.


October 24 Mercury in the sign of Scorpio; the deep thinker will trine Neptune in Pisces the mystic and poet, this can bring about some cleaver conversations or sexy pillow talk. With this transit we really want to understand things on deeper level.

Many of us will ask those probing questions that we are fearful of asking most of the time. You may even get people to tell you things that are very very private. So be ready to reveal your deepest secrets to your lover or have a perfect stranger tell you their deepest secrets. All of these things are possible with this combination and while we have so much in Scorpio.


October 26th Sun conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio this is a super optimistic day full of enthusiasm. We may also feel inspired to learn something new.


October 27th Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. If your relationship has felt a little stale lately then today it may feel a little rough around the edges. A good way to blow off steam with a personal partner is with sexual relations. Yes I did say that, but only if you are in that kind of relationship.


Full Moon at 11 Taurus on November 3rd 10:23 pm PT/ November 4th  1:23 am ET Neptune is connected to this Full Moon.

With this Full Moon we are looking at what we value and how it may change our lives. The Taurus Full every year is a beautiful one. The Moon loves this zodiac sign and we need to honor that. So these are things that should come to our attention; how we value our money, or how we use our skills and talents to earn that money, spending our money and what we think is beautiful, sensual pleasures, taste, smells, the presentation of food, contentment, perseverance, patience, self-worth, and releasing stubbornness. Any or all of these things can come to our attention with the Full Moon. We may want to bring more of these items to us or release if we have too much of something.

We can also release blocks around these items, such as releasing our fear of not having enough money, enough food or enough love in our lives. If I’m inspired I will do a separate video for this Full Moon. Keep an eye out for it on my media page or subscribe to my You-Tube channel and be notified when new videos are posted.


On November 4th Venus in Libra is opposite Uranus Aries. This combination creates sudden shifts in our relationships but only if something is on edge already. We feel the need for freedom and independence and that in turn is feisty energy that can turn on a dime and bring in those sudden changes that we need sometimes.


Sunday Nov 5th Mercury enters Sagittarius and it is time to seek deeper knowledge and expand our world view. Not always easy for Mercury, he loves gathering a lot of info. But as Mercury moves through Sagittarius over the coming 3 weeks his instructions are to go deeper. We will also place more importance on freedom of speech and speaking our truth.


November 7th Venus enters Scorpio we are looking for a soul mate now if we don’t have one, not just a marriage partner, but someone who can share our life at the deepest possible level. This is what Venus in Scorpio is looking for.

She is also expecting deep sexual connections. This is true whether you are in a committed relationship or not. Venus in Scorpio wants sex because it is intense and the deepest connection of union two people can have.


November 11th Saturn trine Uranus will usher a period of stability like we haven’t felt in some time. Any ideas you have had that have not stuck in the resent past may become more solid now. Not all of them but the ones worth your time. So look at goals set over the last few months, inspiring ideas that seemed to go nowhere. The next week or two may be the time that one of these ideas, goals or projects takes hold, thanks to the stabilizing energy of Saturn.


November 13 Venus conjunct Jupiter is nice……. I think I am in lust is a wonderful key phase for this transit. A few days later on November 16 Venus trines Neptune; we are in a romantic fog.


New Moon at 26 Scorpio on November 18 @ 6:42 am.

Get ready to set goals relating to your needs and the items Scorpio rules. We have just gone a whole month with the Sun and other planets in Scorpio. We should have a good idea by now what goals in regards to Scorpio we want to set. But if you don’t remember just go to the first page of this report and gather the key words that mean something to you. Then formulate your new goals, wished, hopes and dreams based on Scorpio. Things like, intimate  relationships, better understanding of your finances as well as your spouse’s, liven up your sex life, get your paper work together so you are ready for tax time. Stuff like that.


On a final note there is still more Scorpio to add to the mix this month. It is when the 2 rulers of Scorpio (Mars and Pluto) square off on Sunday November 19th. There is a level of intensity we haven’t felt till now. It is recommended that you don’t push anything too hard for a few days on either side of November 19th. Know the boundaries and stay in them. Mars square Pluto can be a volatile aspect if you are already in a tough situation. If you are not in tough situation be observant of those around you, and maybe help them through their rough times.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21 at 10:05 pm ET


Happy Dance……….


Blessings and Namaste’

The Sun in Libra 2017 September 22, 2017 @ 4:02 pm ET

Fall Equinox

September 22, 2017 4:02 pm ET the Sun enters Libra; as many of us know the day and night time are equal today. The very basic astronomy of it is the Sun is hanging out at the equator. This creates a feeling of balance and equality. These are traits of Libra. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they looked at the stars and planets around us thousands of years ago. This was back when Astrology and Astronomy where one and the same. The ancestors followed the planets and the watched the natural order of nature to come up with the definitions we use today. We also know Astrology was formulated in the Northern Hemisphere because of some of the definitions we still use today for certain things.


But let’s talk about Libra’s energy since that is why you are here. Libra is all about fairness, peace, interpersonal relationships, you know those one to one relationship and of course justice.

It does not matter if you are a Libra or not, this is the time of year we are all seeking to balance our lives, relationships, feel more at ease or harmonious in these relationships and in some cases we will make sure everyone around us is feeling good too. This is the main focus of Libra, always interested in fairness and even when things are not fair we will do what we can to make it happen. This energy is present for all to use from September 22nd till October 23rd.


On September 24 Mars in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces this can be a little bit tricky. Mars in Virgo is about taking action and being motivated to do the things we must do in our day to day activities. Neptune in Pisces is a slow mover and can get lost in itself, or in a day dream. Throughout the next few days we may find ourselves drifting off into lala land and then snapping back into reality.


September 28, Jupiter is opposite to Uranus, this happened back in the winter at the February 26th eclipse. We should look back to see what was happening then because patterns do repeat themselves and this will give you a heads up on what to expect this time around.

During February we were looking at all of our relationships. The same is true now. We have had a year of Jupiter in this sign making us very aware of our relationships with others, personal and as a nation. Then there is the energy of Uranus in Aries he is edgy, needing to break away from what is normal, looking for change and independence.

This can be fun and exciting energy if you are a progressive couple and love to be spontaneous. This is not so easy if want things to stay the same and not change.

There have been times through the year that some of us wondered what was going on in our world. So many sudden upheavals it was hard to stay grounded but the change felt good too, breaking from the old ways of doing things and finding something more progressive. So for the better of the year we have all been feeling these feelings somewhere in our lives.

This is the final time these two will be opposite for 12 years. It really does shake us up so things do not remain stale.


Pluto is also moving direct today but to me that is not big indicator of anything particular. His track through the zodiac is meant to be looked at over decades not so much personal. However it can be personal if you have any planets at 16- 17 – 18 degrees of a Cardinal sign. (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). These signs will be hard aspected from Pluto and you are certain to be on a path of breaking down old form so transformation can occur. The details will depend on the planet and other signs.


September 29th Venus in Virgo opposite to Neptune, let’s pick apart our romantic relationship. There is a good chance the veil of romance is lifted and you are seeing someone in a different light then you have before. This can go either way.

Another thought, if you go out on a date Friday night with someone you do not know well, give it a few tries before you decide if they are worth your time.

Adding to the mix of Venus and Neptune is Mercury moving into Libra tonight too, that is wonderful easy communication, a relaxed evening.

So for those who know each other and you want a relaxing night out with a couple drinks and good food this looks like a great night for that. The rest of us, it could be fun or confusing hard to tell from here. Why do have to have some mysteries.


On October 1st and a few days before Mars is coming to connect with Pluto. This is an easy connection and these two planets have a similar vibe. What we can expect is energy and determination to accomplish whatever we are working on.

Mars and Venus are almost conjunct now and that means Venus will make this same connection to Pluto on October 3rd. Venus trine Pluto is determined to make a relationship work.


October 5th Venus and Mars join today in their semi-annual conjunction. We are adventurous and passionate about what we are doing or the love relationship we are in. We can be receptive and responsive at the same time. I think I will add a BUT here. But both planets are in Virgo and that can be overly picky and so focused on the details the bigger picture of what is going on is missed. Try not to fall into the trap of picking something to pieces. These two are fast movers and this energy will separate within a few days.


October 5th is also the Full Moon in Aries; it is at 2:40 pm ET at 12 degrees of Aries. This Full Moon carries similar energy as the conjunction of Mars and Venus, masculine. This is because the Sun is Masculine and the Moon is Feminine. The opposition, which is a Full Moon, is about recognition of relationships and who we are in our relationships. Please remember if you are single person you still have relationships with people, this is not only about love relationships. It is about the finding the balance in our lives, internal and external. Now we know the Moon is not a fan of the sign of Aries because it is not soft and feminine. Aries wants what it wants right then and there, no waiting just going for it, this feels assertive and in some cases aggressive. The Sun in Libra is looking to express itself through relationship.

This Full Moon is here so we can figure out how to stand up for ourselves, take charge or ask for what we need in regards to our relationships and partnerships. No relationship concerns for you; well maybe you will feel the urge to take a step forward in something you have been in the back ground about.

What I know for certain with a Full Moon in Aries is we all feel a little edgy or courageous and if we do nothing for ourselves during the time we may feel uneasy and not know why.


One October 8th Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in Libra so they have been working together for a week now. When the Sun and Mercury are in Libra we want working things out, talk things out and finding common ground is important but not always possible. The Full Moon in Aries may inspire sudden self-centeredness, but with the Sun and Mercury in Libra we can come back together easily as long as we talk.


October 9th my book calls this Indigenous Peoples’ Day finally some truth to the day………

Some will still call it Columbus Day and that is ok. With the Moon in Gemini, the sign of communication, and Mercury and the Sun squaring Pluto, we are looking for balance in transformation.


October 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio; it hasn’t been in this sign for 12 years so this is important for all of us. Jupiter in Scorpio is seeking the deep truth, looking for change through education or teaching; the details of this will depend on where your Scorpio is in your chart. For example if it is in your 6th house of health and wellness, daily duties, work and service to other.  You will most likely look deep into any or all of these things and over the following year work on the changes that need to happen. Many of us will want to educate ourselves and some of us will become experts and teach the thing we need to know the most about.


The weekend of October 14 -15 Venus enters her own sign of Libra and relationships of all kinds will come to the front of the line. I wrote about this in the beginning of this report so if you need to be reminded of what Libra is about go back the beginning.

Over the weekend Mercury makes a connection to Uranus while at the final degrees of Libra, this can bring in sudden and unexpected conversation and situations that may throw us off balance a little bit. The weekend may not be anything like we had planned so be ready for any; it feels kind of exciting to me.


October 17th Mercury enters Scorpio and on the 18th conjuncts Jupiter. This can be a potent transit because Mercury in Scorpio is intense and it will remain in this sign till November 5th, today it connects with Jupiter. This is an opportunity to see deeply beyond the surface and have some of the deepest conversations you will have in a long time.

We may also become inspired to start some new studies that require a lot of attention and research.

If you can use this energy at work on a project, that will be successful too but we need to do the research before launching something new. We should wait to launch things in a waxing Moon phase and that is coming. Right now we are at the final day before the New Moon.

Besides research with this connection of Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio we could also do some very deep healing using whatever meditative, ritual or shamanic practice you want.


The New Moon isn’t until October 19th at 3:12 PM and then the Moon is “Void of Course” for a little while, that means, in my opinion, from October 17th through till the Moon enters Scorpio October 19 at 9:41 pm ET, we are in the research and undercover work. Anything that needs to be done behind the scenes or on a deep internal level can be done successfully during these few days. Once the Moon moves in Scorpio and ends the “Void” period we are then free to move forward if we are ready.

Also with the Moon in Scorpio through the 21st so some of us may still be working on deeper research and behind the scenes for a few more days and that is perfectly fine if you find yourself not ready to be out in the open yet about what is going on in your life. You may never want to share what is going on this week with the world and that is fine too because the Sun will enter Scorpio on October 22/23 depending on where you live and that my friends is even more internal work.

Scorpio can also bring all the dirt to the surface for us to see. So we need to be ready for that. Ready for a big cleansing.


The Sun in Virgo August 22 – September 22, 2017

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd at 6:20 pm and once again it is time to get organized. After taking a few weeks off in the beginning of August I always look forward to this time of year when we have all the help we need to get back into a good routine. I love the summer and the relaxed feel of it and the fall is amazing too, but life goes on and we must take time for the important daily activities which Virgo is ready and able to help us with.

Things we will focus on during this time are health and wellness which may include changes in our diets. It is harvest time and the fresh food we have had all summer is amazing and still coming; time to preserve some of it.

Family routines need to get back into shape now that school has started again and the adults in the family may need to get back to work after having irregular hours thanks to the kids being home.

So as you can see with some of these examples Virgo has a lot to do with everyday life and living. So do your best to be present and pay attention to the details that keep showing up.


We also have Mercury currently retrograde in Virgo and that means we need to slow down and get to the finer details in life. He stopped to go retrograde on August 12th and will turn direct on September 5th; more on that a few paragraphs below.


On August 25th Saturn is stationary and moving direct, he has been retrograde since April 6th. During this time we have been questioning so many things in regards to our beliefs, education, philosophy, religion, and wisdom. Of course there is so much more but that is enough to get you thinking about the last few months.

Have any of these things come up for you? If so did you have to let something go or maybe something left your life that you were not ready to let go of. Did you feel restricted or emotionally heavy?  Have you been working on understanding something on a deeper level? These are some of the symptoms (for the lack of a better word) of Saturn moving through our charts.

With Saturn in Sagittarius and now moving forward, over the coming weeks as Saturn retraces his steps take your time and find the wisdom in all the lessons, work, and possible challenges you have had since April.

Wisdom and knowledge only come with time and experience and we had plenty of time when Saturn was retrograde. Now we should take some time to recognize what you have or have not done since April and if more action needed somewhere take that action. If things in your life are good that is wonderful, you have no need to stress about what is wrong.


August 26 Venus enters Leo and she changes her outfit from Mom to wild woman. I know Venus in Leo is a lot of fun and very flamboyant. So shake out the old bathrobe and get on your wild colored Hawaiian shirt, play, love, find your passion over the next 3 weeks while Venus is in this sign.

On September 18th Venus will connect to the eclipse point from August 21st. This means if things happened in your life around the eclipse, when Venus gets there you will be able to see what value these events have in your life.


On September 2nd the next important thing I want to write about is Mars in Leo connecting to Uranus by a trine aspect. First off Mars is now where the eclipse was from August 21st which will, in my opinion, reactivate the eclipse energy. So if you had any event in your life around the eclipse Aug 21st, then there may be some follow up now.

There will be a lot of energy in the air, we feel excited, exhilarated, and ready for adventure. We will feel this for a few days before Sept., 2nd and a few days after.


On September 3rd retrograde Mercury will join Mars and Uranus. Astrologically this is a lot of energy with these 3 connecting at the eclipse point. Our conversations will be on fire. Everyone will be talking over each other and excited to share what they have to say. Of course some people just talk to hear themselves and that might be annoying. The wise person would be smart to say nothing and do a lot of listening. We can learn more by listening then talking in this situation.

Also make sure be mindful of driving because traffic might be crazy.


On September 5th Mercury is stationary and then moves direct it will take 2 weeks to get back to his original starting point so make sure and allow extra time for things to catch up with where we think they should be. Don’t be in hurry, not yet. Mars also enters Virgo today; this will constrain the usually energetic Mars for a few weeks.


September 6th the Full Moon in Pisces is at 3:03 am ET this Full Moon can allow us some time to integrate all the details that have been coming at us at record speed even though Mercury has been retrograde.

The Sun in Virgo wants us to pay close attention to details and we should. When we have the Full Moon in Pisces this is where we can actually become aware of what we need to integrate and begin that process. The Pisces Full Moon is soft, Imaginative, and very sensitive. The Moon is also right with Neptune during this lunar phase and that will heighten our perception and intuition abilities.

This mean if we can get out of our heads, release some of the overwhelming details then this Full Moon will help us to move into something much more integrated and universal.


September 9th Mercury moves back into his own sign of Virgo, we can exhale a little and go do some gardening or something grounding.

Venus is quincunx Pluto September 9th as well, that brings in relationship concerns we will want to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to our important partnerships, just for a few days.


September 18/19 is the New Moon at 28 degrees Virgo. This is the New Moon of details, taking care of everyday items, our daily routines, work, co-workers, overall health and service to others. Which of these things resonate with you? Choose one or two things in the list above to focus on and create your New Moon intentions. Make it very personal, maybe you need to up your game at work, maybe it is time to shift your diet into something that is better for your ever changing body needs.

Don’t get stressed about this just simply look at your life and set goals relating to what you want to move into next. It really is simple.

So in Virgo I will leave you with this. The last month of eclipses and hard aspects has been hard on many people. We need to take care of bodies or it will fail us. This Virgo New Moon is perfection, so stay grounded, look at the details, treat your body well with everything it needs, and love.


P.S. International day of Peace is September 21 the day before Libra Fall Equinox and day of balance.




Be flexible and ready it is that simple. Mercury retrograde can cause miss-communications, memory lapses, travel delays, computer glitches, cable outages and the like. But, many of these problems can be minimized or avoided if you’re prepared to adjust, remain flexible and are open to changing your mind or changing your plans. During this period being prepared for anything and not being set in your way will get much further along than resisting change.

Keep on top of things. Pay close attention to details as well as the big picture. Review all plans, double and triple-check your schedule. Clarify and confirm all your communications. Be detail-oriented reorganize your desk. Reevaluate your work, rethink, and rest. Anything that starts with an “RE” is what you want to do when Mercury is back tracking.

Remember stuff happens and not everything that goes wrong during this time needs to be blamed on Mercury.


Despite everything, Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear. It’s something to tune into, use this time as an opportunity to rest and reflect on the choices that you’ve made, look backwards rather than forwards for a just a short period of time.

Take this time to evaluate the things you haven’t resolved. This is an ideal time to complete works in progress, to review our goals in your everyday life and pay attention to our health. Backing off on the criticism of self and others during this time is good idea as well.

With Mercury retrograde in his own sign of Gemini this time the affects will be easy to see because Mercury is in his own sign and that can compound the energy. It is also in an air sign, each time Mercury is retrograde this year it will be in an Air sign, and that means we as a collective need to change our minds about something.

Those things will vary from person to person because Gemini is placed in different locations in everyone’s chart. But as a collective we are all shifting our perspective about something; as individuals we are all looking at something very personal, which in turn will shift the collective.

So take your time over this period, move as slowly and purposefully as you can. Whatever breaks down, work on building it back up if it is worth saving, you decide, that is whole reason for this retrograde. To reconsider how we communicate to the world and to ourselves. And please make sure and look at your inner dialog too, how are you speaking to yourself? Are you as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend, to your family?

Check into that you will be surprised if you listen closely how hard we all tend to be on ourselves. Be kind and be gentle with everyone even yourself.

Here is a lesson for you about Mercury.

Astronomy: The First planet, the hottest & quickest moving planet (not counting the Moon), never more than 28 degrees from the Sun (never 2 signs from the Sun), roughly 1 year period thru the signs of the Zodiac as seen from Earth.

Principles: Perception, communication, articulation, co-ordination, adaption, education, interaction, inter-connection, comprehension, clarification, conception, apprehension.

Actions: Understanding, talking, expressing, debating, attending, listening, seeing, knowing, analyzing, discriminating, scrutinizing, convincing, exploring, studying, investigating, experimenting, inquiring, interviewing, questioning.

The Gifts of Mercury: Mercury at its highest bestows the gifts of being a Voice of the Spirit, advancing the understanding of humanity, broadening the outlook, raising the consciousness, opening and changing minds, bringing the unconscious to consciousness.

The lessons Mercury has to learn: Honesty, to look beyond one’s own viewpoint, to persevere, to seek greater depth of understanding, to see how thoughts affect feelings & health, to descend from the mind into the heart and body, patience with those who have trouble articulating, to create instead of improvise, to aim towards and not away from.


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