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New Moon in Taurus April 26, 2017

We can finally slow down a little.

Taurus the sign of Love and Money – Values and Ethics

With the Sun and the Moon in Taurus, that is what a New Moon is.

So take some time during this New Moon and set goals relating to some of the subjects written below.

This methodical slow moving energy is a nice change if you have been feeling rushed lately. It is patient, thorough, dependable, trustworthy and steadfast. Taurus also governors how we feel about money, the things we value, sensual pleasure, aromas and taste, contentment, and material comforts.

Our Self-worth is discovered in Taurus and so are the things we feel strongly about, the things some might say we are stubborn about. We all have an inclination to get closer to nature this time of year, build solid foundations and persistence by progressing step by step. Not being in a hurry but being thorough and having a plan.

Self-worth includes awareness of personal needs, setting appropriate boundaries, strong values, determination, and self-acceptance. Taurus can be inflexible sometimes. Overly attached to things, resistant to change, possessive, holding narrow opinions, and stagnation.  Being stubborn can be good at times if that is not your nature, but being too stubborn will prevent growth.

Each zodiac sign rules a certain part of the body and that area may be a focus for you right now too. The physical parts of the body Taurus is in charge of are the throat, chin, neck, thyroid gland, voice and vocal cords.

Remember set goals and intentions based on some the things Taurus is in charge of.

The full month forecast is here.

Full Moon in Libra April 11, 2017

Balance – Fairness – Are you Being Heard – Partnerships – Harmony

This Full in Libra is not going to be like any we have had in a while. This is due to the Sun being conjunct Uranus and the Moon conjunct Jupiter.


We are always made aware of our relationships and partnerships during the Full Moon so this is nothing new. During the Full Moon our emotions are heightened and this makes us feel more and brings to our attention what is out of balance.

The lack of equality in our partnerships is usually quite noticeable during the Full Moon in Libra since Libra is the sign of relationships.


All we want is to be treated fairly and feel as if our partners are doing their share.  Are they giving you the attention you want or need? Are you feeling underappreciated and not supported by your partner? Many people are feeling this way these days because we have other planets and energies that are stirring the pot so we notice that we are in a rut and something/s need to change.

There is no need for drama in this situation but some of us will be overly energized by the transits I am writing about and create sudden changes. It doesn’t have to be you, so read on.


Business and work partnerships are also included in this. Working with someone harmoniously is as important as a good home relationship is. So ask the same questions, is your partner supporting you enough, are you still working well together? If not now is the time to address the issues for a more harmonious business partnership.


Why are we feeling this Full Moon in Libra stronger than others? Here is a little Astrology for you. This is the first time in 12 years that we have had the Full in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter inflates everything like blowing up a balloon.


Venus and Libra are strong indicators when it comes to the nature of our relationships over all. Aries is about being strong, independent, standing up for what you believe in and being an individual maybe even self-centered, that is not great for relationship harmony if someone is selfish.

Over the last few months, Venus has been in Aries, this is not a great placement for this planet, she is aggressive in this sign and very independent, she needs help from no one. She can do it all in spite of everything else. This is not her natural element and she is edgy. But Venus in Aries can be great if you find yourself needing some courage or want to work on old issues of being taken advantage of or not standing up for yourself.

Venus is also retrograde till April 15th, and that adds to the constant nagging feeling we have inside that we need to do something.


We also have the Sun in Aries during this Full Moon adding his fire and energy to the mix. Uranus is also right next to the Sun in Aries, so we are feeling even more energized to make a change, a reach for independence, or speaking up for the support we want. We will even feel drawn to a cause that is bigger than us thanks to the nature of Uranus.


There is also Jupiter in Libra she is retrograde and the Full Moon is right next to her. Jupiter has been in Libra since September 2016 but over the last few months independent Uranus has been in opposition to Jupiter. That means there is stress created from the tension of the push pull effect of, what I need personally and my need for independence is fighting with what we need in our relationship that is harmonious and balanced. Where has the harmony gone?


So what do you do with all this information? How do we apply what has been said here? Sit down, have conversation with your partner/s. Write out what you think is missing, what you need, and how you can your partner needs as well. How you can support your partner and how they can support you.

This is truly all anyone wants in a partnership, to be heard, to be listened to, to be met half way, to be respected and honored. Now is the time to open a dialog and start a conversation.


This Full Moon in Libra with all the extras is here to help you clear out the old, set up some new boundaries were everyone involved will feel heard, respected and loved.


One thing I would ask of everyone, don’t create an issue if there isn’t one. Just because you are reading this and it is valid for many people not everyone has the concerns mentioned here. Use this information like a sign post, a way to get somewhere.


Brightest Blessings, Dorothy


New Moon in Aries on March 27th

Are you feeling inspired? Need some courage? Now is the time. We can be straight forward, direct, courageous. With the New Moon in Aries on March 27th at 10:57 pm ET it is the unofficial start to the Astrological New Year. The official start is the moment the Sun enters Aries on March 20th. I believe we need both luminaries in the same sign before we can really feel the energy of the sign.

So what do you want to do this month? Where would you like to action in your life? Do you need some courage to take a step forward? Are you feeling like stepping up and taking charge?

No matter what zodiac sign you are remember, we all have a piece of each zodiac sign somewhere in our charts and that means everyone is getting an infusion of Aries. So we will feel assertive, impulsive, and ready to take on the world without thinking things thought. Sometimes that is just what we need to get out of a rut and move beyond stale energy.

During New Moons we are encouraged to set goals for ourselves, so get started on it, Aries is so self-centered and focused this is the perfect time for you to get and ask for the things you need. Aries is all about new beginnings and now is the time to think about you. If you feel uncomfortable with these words remember what you are told when flying, if needed put on your oxygen mask first then help others.  OK? SO get on to talking care of your own needs right now.

Here are some phases you can use: I find it easy to put myself first. I am ready to take a chance on myself. I trust myself and the choices I make. I find my courage to speak up for what I want. I love starting new projects and have renewed energy to do so.

In regard to relationships and partnerships we need to feel strong and independent as well as equal in these partnerships if that is not the case it is time to ask for what we need.

So hopefully you are getting the idea what Aries is all about from the positive perspective, be assertive and take charge where you have felt weak.


On another note some people just might go overboard with the things listed above and that can create a lack of objectivity especially if we are being too impulsive. But that is ok too some people need extreme situations to move them. So don’t you forget to move with the new energy as it emerges and be a wonderful example of growth and advancement.


March 12th The Full Moon 22 Degrees of Virgo 10:54 am EST

Make Every Day Special


I am going to give you 2 dates before we get started on the forecast for this Full Moon. I want you to look back to September 13th 2015 and June 12, 2016, think about what was happening then…… did you go look? This is important don’t blow me off.

The reasons you will want to go check out what was happening then is: on September 13, 2015 we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo. During New Moons and especially eclipses we are being asked to shift our energy in a very significant way using the power of Virgo and all her details.

During New Moon phases we set intentions and goals for our future, this time it was relating to Virgo. Virgo is the goddess of the harvest, the keeper of the details, our work environment, and our daily routines that include health and wellness, food intake for health and exercise too. Being efficient, organizing, helpful, and noticing our need for or lack of perfection.

So what did you focus on during this eclipse in September 2015? What goals did you set? If you were not aware of setting goals than simply look at what was changing for you at that time. For example this is the week that I moved into my current apartment. This was a big change for me, living alone, but I was so ready to have everything to myself, every square inch of my living space is mine. This is perfect when it comes to Virgo; she wants us to focus on the details, routines, our daily environment, our work environment.

By the way I also work from home so I was moving into a new office as well, all Virgo items.

So take a look at your September 2015 and see what was happening then because it will relate to what is happening now. I will get to that shortly.


Next step is to look at June 12, 2016 this is the next lunar event near the same degree in the zodiac as what we have coming up. On June 12, 2016 the Moon was in her 1st quarter stage at 21 degrees of Virgo. This stage is 9 months from the Eclipse in September 2015. We should be seeing results and growth by now from the goals set and actions taken in Sept., 2015. Take a good look at what was happening in your life in June 2016 that is directly related.

My example: I started expanding my office working from home. I now have many on line classes and private students. I don’t have to travel so much anymore and I spend more time in my living room/office. I also started doing a TV local show with some colleagues, once again expanding the Virgo energies of work and daily routine. Find your example.


Now on March 12th 2017 we have the Full Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees. During Full Moons we are able to see the results of our choices in regards to the things and dates I have already mentioned in this article.

During Full Moons we get to see what is working and what is not. So the question is, what are you ready to let go of now that is no working related the goals set at the dates above? For me when I expanded my work by doing the TV show I am just now recognizing that I am doing too much and have had to reduce the number of daily and weekly videos I was producing on my own. I needed to be more efficient (Virgo is efficient) with my time and choose the work that will give me the best outcome for my goals.

So I want to you to go through these dates for yourself and write out the time line see what I mean, see how things have grown or not grown because with a Full Moon we should let go of what is no longer working or never worked even though we gave it a good try. Bringing order to chaos, the ability to see how everything fits together, and the ability to put it all together, being practical and conscientious is everything we want during a Full Moon in Virgo. Don’t forget to take care of your health too. Virgo is all about eating right, eating clean and taking good care of our digestion.


If you find this helpful please share and also share the video forecast found on the media page.


Many blessings, Dorothy (Anona)

The Illusion Is Over

February 26th New Moon Solar Eclipse 9 Pisces

Astrological and Intuitive Forecast


Sunday February 26th we have our second Eclipse of the month. It is the New Moon Solar eclipse, at 8 degrees of Pisces. We also have Mars and Uranus conjunct at 21 Aries; these two conjunctions are so very different but we have to deal with them both at the same time so read on, get out a highlighter marker for the important parts and I will fill you in.

This Solar eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces also engages with the planet Neptune and so our intuition is increased. Our spiritual connections are intensified and we are much more sensitive to the world around us. If you are a sensitive person this New Moon eclipse with the planet Neptune will heighten all of these things even more.

If you do not consider yourself intuitive or sensitive that’s fine too, you might be more emotional this week with no explanation as well as those around you.

Now if you love to do work with Angels, and who doesn’t believe in Angels? Ghosts or other unseen energies this eclipse is an opportunity for you to work with them, read more about it or practice your beliefs. With the Sun, Moon and Earth in perfect alignment, which is what makes an eclipse, the energy is intensified so step into what you want and take action but remember the power we draw on when doing spiritual work during an eclipse is powerful, so take your time before you do any New Moon rituals or prayer and get yourself into a holy or sacred place. Sit down and do some meditations, send someone love, forgive yourself or someone who needs it, engage your compassionate and loving heart. These are the things we should do when we have an eclipse in the sign of Pisces and when it is a New Moon.

Other things we can focus on during this Pisces time would be engaging your imagination, internal peace and harmony, trusting our intuition and Spiritual healing.

Set your New Moon goals with these things in mind.

There is a dysfunctional side to Pisces too and that involves victim mentality, defeatist attitudes, procrastination, panic attacks, deception, addictions, and disappointments. Many times it is just too hard to face the truth with this much Pisces around.

So what can we do with this information? We trust in a higher power, we vow to see clearly, we surrender our worry and anxieties to that higher power. Trust that everything is as it should be making you the person you are today.


We also have Mars and Uranus conjunct during the eclipse and Jupiter in opposition to them. The Jupiter part is in the monthly forecast on my web site.

Today let’s focus on Mars and Uranus. This is a transit that happens every 2 years and the last one was March 10, 2015 so you can look back then and see what shifted quickly for you at that time as it will feel similar now. It will not be exactly the same though because we have the eclipse and Jupiter involved.

This transit of Mars and Uranus will have a kick to it, we feel the sudden desire to be assertive aggressive and to take action without thinking. We need our independence and freedom from oppression. This is good if you are naturally a passive person, it is motivating and so many people are getting out of their comfort zones and speaking up for what they believe in. All we have to do is watch the news and see so many people protesting, like never before.

If you happen to already be an assertive or aggressive person you should be careful because you might go too far, as a matter of fact anyone could step out of line with this transit and make sudden and rash choices that we might regret later.

Also during this transit we will psychically move quickly and that can cause issues like accidents and speaking out of turn saying the wrong things because we can’t help ourselves.

This Mars Uranus energy can also help us to wake up! It is like waking from a long sleep or the spell of illusion maybe it feels like waking from a dream for some people.

I also think with all the Aries energy shaking things up during the Pisces Eclipse this will help so we can actually anchor in some new spiritual vibes.

Aries breaking away the old and stale, Pisces ushering in the beginning of the new wave of energy; a New Earth if you will.

One thing I know for sure about these two transits, Mars Uranus and the Eclipse is; many of us will wake to see the truth, whatever that is for you. The spell of illusion is over.

Take a break from life and have some fun!!!!

February 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 Leo

Astrological and Intuitive Forecast

On February 10th we have the first eclipse of the year. It is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 22 degrees of Leo. It is part of a pattern called The Grand Sextile a 6 pointed star also called the Star of David. With these patterns this eclipse is connected to 4 other planets and the mid-heaven on the east coast of the United States.

I will explain, but first to the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo. We need to give attention to the things we are passionate about. A full Moon in this sign once a year is a celebration of love, creativity, generosity and fun as well as determination, and tempering arrogance. Full Moons always show us what we need to see, what may be hidden or something we have hidden from ourselves. When the Sun Earth and Moon line up on the same plain we get an extra push from the powers that be. This perfect alignment happens a minimum of 4 times a year and when it does it creates moments in time that have significant and long lasting meaning. This time around Leo things are presented to us so we can shift out of old patterns and behaviors. Now if you are questioning what Leo things are then go back to the top of this paragraph and read the list of things that Leo is in charge of. I placed those words in italic. Once you recognize what is going on around you or within you, you can then take the steps to release the things that are bothering you the most.

Now if you don’t feel you have anything Leo like to get rid of then look around you, there may be a person, job or situation that is taking too much time or energy for the return it brings; this may be the thing or person you need to let go of during this eclipse.

Eclipses are so powerful and we always have free will, but if we are truly off our Soul Path then eclipses are the time of year when changes and adjustments will be made around us (some say for us), whether we like it or not.

That means now is the time to take action and remove the things that feel irritating to you or have outlived their usefulness. Some people like to write down what it is they need to release using the categories above then safely burn the paper with the writing on it. Doing this every month is very cleansing, doing it during an eclipse is powerful because eclipse are agents of change, much stronger than a normal Full Moon.

If you have a birthday within a few days of an eclipse it will be a year of major changes for you. But do not worry; you are accustomed to these kinds of changes because eclipses have a repeating pattern for about 18 months and also every 19 years. So if it is your birthday during one of these eclipses this year then look back 19 years and see what big changes happened then because it will be similar energy to what is happening now except you now have 19 more years of life experience that you are bring to the table. How exciting is that?

I remember the ones I have had right on my birthdays, one at 23 the next at 42 years of age (I don’t remember the one I had at 4). These were very significant years in my life when everything took a turn in a different direction. I am still here so don’t be too worried if your birthday falls on an eclipse just have some fun with it. Things that are part of your life that are going well will not be disrupted.

Now to the Grand Sextile pattern in the chart of this eclipse. Let me be clear; these patterns are only on the east coast of the United States, because of space and time, only Eastern Time zone will experience the Grand sextile. SO the mid-heaven aspect is just for us. This eclipse makes a sextile to the mid-heaven; this increases awareness around our careers and the path your career is taking so trust your instincts if you feel a need for a shift in that regard.

The Eclipse Moon sextile Jupiter is happy, generous and optimistic. The Eclipse Moon trine Saturn is self-confident so we can feel very ambition and secure in our choices. The Eclipse Moon opposite the Sun is the Full Moon Eclipse and awareness of the things we hide from ourselves. The Eclipse Moon trine Uranus is enterprising ideas and unconventional ways of doing things. So as you can see we have a lot of support to make many needed changes.

On a not so very side note: I see another issue with this Eclipse. It is on Donald Trumps, Mars and near the ascendant. The eclipse we have on August 21st will be even closer and stronger than this one, but this one is close enough to trigger his chart. Plus he is an eclipse baby, born within 2 hours of an eclipse that means he is affected by them even stronger than those of us not born during an eclipse.

What does all that mean? He will be the center of attention in some way, no kidding right, he is already and has been for years but this is different. I am not going to predict what might happen because the possibilities are endless with his chart but overall he will be in the spot light even more so than usual. A person with an eclipse that is strong like this one needs to watch their health and get plenty of rest. He will be feeling the pressure of the office even if we can’t see it. Haha we will, he is not shy about telling us what he feels.

For the rest of us if you need a break from the stress that is around you the best way to do that is by playing. When life gets tough; play to lighten up the situation. Leo loves to play, loves passion and loves being creative. That is our assignment with this Leo eclipse. Go have fun!!!!!! Please…. And share your Love, your Passion and if you want let your freak flag fly.

Come back soon for the next report: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th.  We have a very busy month.

Blessings, Dorothy


Astrological and Intuitive Forecast

New Moon in Aquarius January 27, 2017



On January 27th we have the New Moon in Aquarius at 7:07 pm, 8 degrees of Aquarius. During New Moons we want to look ahead and set goals relating to the zodiac sign the Moon is in so let’s get started.


Aquarius is in charge of being unique, inventive, thinking outside the box, humanity, and the collective consciousness. Our acquaintances, groups of people, and the organizations that we are interested in is also part of the Aquarian energy.  It is also the sign of our hopes and dreams and long term goals plus Astrology and anything technology is also ruled by Aquarius.

With this New Moon we are being asked to step away from the normal way of thinking and being.

If any of these things ring a bell for you then step up, make some New Moon goals and wishes by writing out what you want to achieve over the coming months and then take steps toward these goals.

Just remember we want things to be new and fresh so look for new trends that interest you, take some unconventional approaches to reach your long range goals, and don’t forget your world views. If there is something you see that you don’t like then get up and create a solution or at least create awareness where there isn’t any.

Be different! Be creative! Be innovative! We cannot stay in the same place and run the same ideas and thoughts through our heads over and over and expect anything to change.

It really is time to break away from the pack and be your authentic self, this is the best way to use this New Moon in Aquarius; and if you feel like taking on something that is just plain wrong in your eyes then do it! Aquarius is the revolutionary that makes the hard changes most people won’t.

We are after all in the Aquarian age now and have thousands of years to go, let’s start off with a bang……


Today Venus and Saturn are in an exact square with each other. This can create some tension for some people in your close love relationship, other people will welcome this transit because it helps to solidify something that is unsure. How shall you use this?


Then just a few short hours after the New Moon on January 28th Mars enters his own sign of Aries and finally feels himself again.  He hasn’t been here for 2 years. He is spontaneous in his own sign, loves taking a chance on anything, very sexual and passionate, and full of excitement. He will inspire anyone with his enthusiasm and that can be contagious.

So enjoy this New Moon and get ready for the coming eclipses. Just let me now if you need me.

Blessings, Dorothy


Astrological and Intuitive Forecast

Full Moon in Cancer

January 12th 2017

The Full Moon in Cancer in her own sign will be strong emotionally; this sign brings our attention to home & family, our feelings and moods, nurturing, intimacy, security, safety and releasing insecurity around any of these things.

Since Cancer is also in charge of the foundations of our lives, the Full Moon in this sign is a perfect time to release anything that is over bearing at work that might be interfering with your family life. Like working too many hours, too much travel away from home, or bring work home with you.

The foundations of our lives also include what our family heritage is and the beliefs families share and learn from previous generations.


Working with the Full Moon and releasing what no longer serves us is the main purpose of every Full because when the Moon is fully illuminated we can see the things we tend to ignore or hide from ourselves the rest of the month.

The Moon will be full at 6:34 am ET on January 12th and immediately go “Void of Course”. What does this mean? It means once the Moon is Full we have free reign to release easily without interference anything. Interference like making excuses about something instead of letting it go and accepting what is.

We have all day on January 12th till 7:08 pm ET to move with ease and grace into acceptance and releasing. So set aside some time during the day after the Moon is full and create a ritual, if you will, take some time think about this and then write out what is bothering you, whatever is no longer acceptable in your life in regards to your feelings or any of the above key words. Once you write it out on paper you can then burn your thoughts, be careful of fire, and feel your worries evaporate into ash. It is a good process to do every month. You will feel emotional release with this too, and if you have a chance to do a Full Moon ritual at night around a fire even better. Go howl at the Moon it will feel great.


We have a few other aspects during the Full Moon that are worth mentioning because they add additional information to the day.

This Full Moon is only a few degrees from Pluto… that means the changes we make today and over the next 48 hours can be significate and deep rooted family issues. Pluto is all about deep transformation and with the Cancer Moon possibly bringing up long held family issues or beliefs that need changing, this can be a life changing Full Moon for you, breaking free from the family bonds that are not healthy.


We also have Venus conjunct Neptune within a couple days of the Full Moon, which is romantic, soft, creative, fun easy to live with, no constraints. But knows no boundaries, which can be good or bad or both.


Finally, also within a few days Mars and Saturn are square. This is controlled action thanks to the rule maker Saturn. If we are trying to make something move quickly we will run into one road block after another. So take your time, plan things out if you can. If you cannot plan ahead at least go or do with determined intention. We need to remember the lessons we have already learned and things will work out fine.


Where ever you are reading this come to my website, explore what I have to offer. In person and On-Line classes, private lessons, certificate program, personal readings and session.

I have no problem if you share this note but my info must remain with it, copyright laws.


Blessings and Namaste’ Dorothy


Astrological and Intuitive Forecast New Moon in Capricorn December 28/29, 2016

So depending on where you live in the world this New Moon will either be December 28th 10:53 PT or December 29th 1:53 am ET.

We have a few things to talk about with this new moon so let’s get started.


This New Moon is logical, practical and grounded as well as responsible and focused on setting goals; maybe you feel you need more education or training for your job, maybe you are about to step into a leadership role or even be the boss. Whatever you happen to be focusing on this week I am certain some of the things just mentioned will be in your life. If you don’t feel the need to take charge you may be the support for someone who does.

We all need a little Capricorn so we can get things accomplished and this New Moon is just what we need. It is only a few days away from the tradition of setting New Year resolutions so don’t miss out and set your new goals with your security in mind, the things you are responsible for, time management, and taking charge.


This New Moon is also conjunct retrograde Mercury so it is important that we take our time when setting new goals with this Moon; so go slowly. Yes! We can set goals during Mercury retrograde as long you take your time go slow and be methodical.


In addition Pluto is only 7 degrees away from the New Moon so for some of us we will create long term and profound changes thanks to Pluto. The details of that will depend on what Pluto is doing in your personal chart because the outer planets are slow and usher in life time changes.

For example if you were born in the early 1960’s then there is a chance that Pluto is on your Saturn right now. That can mean there are many adjustments occurring in your life that will have you changing jobs or stepping into a leadership role, taking care of an aging parent, or you finally stepping into your own power of leadership. So with Pluto there and the New Moon near you many just feel the urge to take charge. That is just one example.


We also have Uranus stationing today; that means the planet is now moving in direct motion, he

has been retrograde for months. Jupiter is also in an opposition to Uranus; this means we will soon be seeing the consequences of our actions. Uranus went retrograde in July and from then until now we have had people being rebels all over the planet. People are sick and tired of the same old thing and Uranus is all about shaking it up and ushering in change. A few weeks before Uranus went retrograde (June 26, 2016) we had Great Britain leaving the European Union, what a huge surprise that was for the world. Of course our biggest view of this here in U.S.A. is of course in the political field, radical change was wanted and we have it. Over the coming months, through April 2017, Uranus will retrace his step back to where he was in July 2016; during this we will see the consequences of our actions. This is not a bad thing it just is.

We also have the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, South Dakota. All of these things and more are revolutionary actions and it doesn’t stop for a few more years.

But this is just a New Moon forecast and I’m getting off track.

The question for you with this New Moon is this, where are you feeling rebellious? Where do you need a big shift out of the old ways of doing things? Are you feeling radical? If so go with it, we can’t stay stagnant any longer with all these transits.


Recap: The New Moon in Capricorn; it is traditional and loves history, security and being in charge. So look for that where you can and set goals around your security.

Uranus stationing today with Jupiter opposite is revolutionary, innovative and radical. This energy is dynamic and can go either way, we can make positive changes or we can have an internal war with ourselves.


If you would like more personal information about these transits and your place in the world, you know where to find me.


Blessings, Dorothy

Astrological and Intuitive Forecast Full Moon in Gemini December 13th

This month’s Full Moon is on December 13th at 7:05 pm ET 22 degrees of Gemini. One of my favorite oppositions is between Gemini and Sagittarius because it is easy to manage and fun loving, social, carefree, and lighthearted.


If you aren’t feeling this in some area of your life stop now and tap into this energy. With so much going on in this world transits like this can pass us by easily because they aren’t overly showy or loud like SUPER MOONS or eclipses. The Full Moon is the time of the month when we should look at what is taking up all of our time and ask ourselves this question. What can I remove, finish or let go of so I have more time and energy for the things that really matter in my life. It is that simple.


Take some time throughout the evening and listen to your inner voice or to those around you who may be complaining about something. These are clues for each of us to stop and look at our own lives and see what matters. This Gemini Full Moon is all about communication and listening so that is where we will receive our messages and it is also the way we will release what we don’t want.

You know the routine; if you don’t want something in your life anymore then write it out on a piece of paper and then safely burn it, releasing to the universe/God whomever you pray to. It is so simple and easy to do.


Now there are few other aspects during the Full Moon that are worth mentioning. One is a special pattern among the planets; it is called a Mystic Rectangle. Four or more planets connected with easy aspects. Let me tell you about them.


The Full Moon and Jupiter is good natured easy flowing, if you have any legal things going on right now then there should be some solutions right away.

The Sun and Saturn are together and also connected to Jupiter; this means we are willing to learn and open our minds to something new over the next few days. That is a cool thing, learn something new or be exposed to something you have never seen before; how fun is that?

The Sun Saturn is also easily connected to Uranus which is innovative and full of fresh new ideas, perfect for the creative mind.

Lastly in the Mystic Rectangle is a sextile from Uranus back to the Full Moon, unique ideas are flowing now so do your releasing rituals and make room for more.


So as you can see I am focusing on all the easy beautiful things we can do with this Full Moon. No hard stepping out of the box if you don’t want.


BUT if you want to do some emotional work or inner child work, then we can thanks to Chiron being at the midpoint of the Sun and Moon. What does this mean? Is means some childhood issues can come up now so we can address it. Talk out whatever is on your mind with whomever you feel comfortable with.

Whatever your current life situation is if something emotional comes up then it is meant to be and you have an opportunity now to see it for what it is and then release it with the Full Moon.

That’s it for now, come watch all my videos please; if you are on my web site use the media tab above.


Blessings and Happy Yule, Dorothy


Astrological and Intuitive Forecast New Moon in Sagittarius November 29th 7:18 am ET

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As I sit here writing this forecast I have a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. If it wasn’t for all of you lovely people who support my work and those who are willing to let me teach you Astrology I would not be doing what I am doing and loving my work day in and day out.  You allow the Sagittarius part of me to flourish and I am grateful beyond words.


As we get ready for this New Moon and prepare to use her energy in the best way possible I will educate you a little more and fill you in on what a New Moon in Sagittarius is all about and how to use it.


When we have a new moon it is time to set goals for ourselves and create the environment for new beginnings every month. This all starts with our intentions, so get out a note book, devote it to New Moon wishes and goals and use it only for this purpose.


Now what do we focus on during a New Moon in Sagittarius? We focus on learning something new, stepping out your routine and doing something adventurous, learning through life experiences, being honest and truthful to yourself and others. This includes trusting yourself and listening to your inner voice.


The element of Sagittarius is fire and that is lively and full of fun, if there is an opportunity to play or party Sagittarius is always first in line. They know they need to work to earn a living but once the work done they will play. I know many Sagittarius people that do just that.

I also love the fact that Sag is short for Sagittarius; it is the only zodiac sign that we shorten; I think this is because of the casual feeling of Sag that allows us to shorten the name and they don’t care. Being casual is the name of the game for Sag.


So with this New Moon set personal goals related to having fun, especially if you find your life boring lately. Step out of your routine or take a few extra days off from work just to relax and play. We gain so much when we learn how to relax amongst all our responsibilities. Doing this will make the Sag part of you very happy and you will feel refreshed.


Sagittarius is typically very positive and that in turn gives it the title of being lucky and full of opportunity. So don’t let this New Moon pass you by without at least thinking about some way that you can add some fun into your life; whether you make arrangements to take a class you have always wanted to, or you finally use your vacation time and go on a trip. Either way PLAY!


On a final note this New Moon is connected to the Lunar North and South Nodes. They are important life path points in Astrology, so having a New Moon half way between these two points means this: If you know your truth” Live It” do not deny. If you are working too hard and need a break “Take It”, the break will help you to re-set your life.

Lastly go out and play, this is SO important. Think about how babies and young children learn, they learn and grow through play. Let’s remember that, set some fun playful goals for yourself this New Moon and see what a difference it will make.


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Lots of Love, Dorothy “Anona”


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