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Now for something fun.

An image of the USA and where the visible eclipses are. This is over a 45 year period. (Yes we can see only 3 Eclipses in this time frame). In a 45 year span there are at least 180 eclipses. A minimue of 4 a year.

#1 February 26, 1979

#2 August 21, 2017

#3 April 8, 2024

New Moon Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

28 Leo 2:30 pm ET


What Do You Want to Create?

What Do You Want to be Passionate about?

Or so they say……. I believe all eclipses are important enough to pay attention to them. Even if you don’t care about the other lunar cycles most of us are over informed by the media and hype around this eclipse. So let me share with you what I think and why is this eclipse so important.

First off it is fun to see and experience an eclipse and in ancient lore they created a lot of fear around them because they did not understand as we do today.  These beliefs and fears still live on no matter how educated we may be.

On Monday August 21 is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo 2:30 pm ET. This is the eclipse everyone has been talking about since the beginning of the year. Why is it so big; because we will be able to see this eclipse here in the United States? That is a rare occurrence since the planet has a lot of oceans.

It is said where ever an eclipse can be seen that is where there is the greatest amount of change will occur in the world, this time it will be the Untied States.

People are also connecting this eclipse to the President, which is true he is an eclipse baby and this eclipse connects with his chart strongly. Whenever someone has an eclipse near their birthday or on a personal placement in the natal chart they personally will go through a year of big shifts. He has that, he will go through personal shift and adjustments.

For me here is the hard part to dispel with all the media hype and what I have been seeing throughout this year.

People are saying this eclipse can create disruption and huge change, if we are all focusing on the fear surrounding some the reports of this eclipse then that IS what we will get.

My personal feelings with this Leo Eclipse are we can create the biggest shift in our human consciousness by opening our hearts to love. It is so simple and so hard all at the same time.

We can walk through the pillars of heart ache and loss and enter a place of self-love, compassion and understanding for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

I know this is not easy for most people because so many of us live in a place of fear, lack, disappointment and low self-esteem, and many will go down the rabbit hole of ego and self-centeredness with this Leo eclipse. But you don’t have to; you can choose to be in a different place, a place of creating your life, manifesting what you want your life to be. Gaining personal strength and standing up for yourself or something you believe in like never before.

This is also the second New Moon in Leo so we have even more opportunities to create what we are passionate about and our hearts desire.

So what would you like to manifest? New Moons are always about setting goals and intentions, the eclipse amplifies this energy.

Think about it ahead of time, work the ideas, uncover what you are truly passionate about and go for it. Let nothing stop you, if you don’t know what your heart’s desire is, play and discover yourself like never before.

Eclipses are typically game changers so why not use this to your advantage. Set goals, find your passion in life, live your life, indulge in what you love.

We don’t have to have the all the answers but we do need to take charge by using your own authority, step in the direction of Love and creativity that in turn ushers in a triumphant life full of love and passion.

I could say so much more but this eclipse has such a simple message.


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 7th 2017

The first of two eclipses this Full Moon eclipse on August 7th is at 15 degrees of Aquarius at 2:11 pm ET. We know eclipses are important to pay attention too because….

*They are the culmination of something started 18 months ago (Eclipse Aug 7th)

*They are an ending (Eclipse August 7th)

*They mark a new beginning (this is the eclipse of August 21st.)

Since Full Moons are about awareness and realizations this means, this eclipse is the apex of a cycle that started February 8, 2016. What did you start then? Take a look back at your New Moon wishes for February 8, 2016, or your calendar if you don’t do New Moon ritual. Because with this eclipse now is the time that we will be able to see clearly what is working with those goals that we set or the things we started in February 2016, and what is not working.

What is not working is what we need to release. I know releasing is so hard, we really want to hang on to things but this is not the best course of action. We do not have to let go of everything don’t go crazy, just figure out what has not worked since setting goals back then.

We become more aware of our current life situations than ever before during an eclipse. This is because of the gravitational pull between the Sun, Moon and Earth it draws on us just like the Moon and the ocean tides.

The question remains, will something end or are we just getting our momentum going, are we building to our goal? As I said traditionally during Full Moons we are told to “Let Go”. But let go of what? That is the question you need to answer for yourself. (If you need help let me know that is what I am here for. To help you put all this Astrology information to work for you in your life, not in general).

I want you think of this too, while I was talking to my Buddhist friend Dori the other day on how hard that is for some people (to release) with the conclusion of our talk on this subject we came up with this. Yes Full Moons are about releasing but that also means surrendering, that does not mean you are doormat.

If we open up our hearts to what is, to what we have manifested to this point, and simply allow the things that are no longer useful for our growth to melt away then we have done our duty and used this Full Moon Eclipse to the best of our ability. Allowing things to be as they are and that also means if something is not working, whatever that may be, please let it go.

So let’s focus for a few minutes and I will walk through what I am talking about and more of the details of this Aquarius Moon.

The exact dates related to this Full Moon Eclipse; are February 8th 2016 the New Moon was at the same degree as our Eclipse on August 7th, and Nov 7th 2016, the 1st quarter Moon also the same degree as this eclipse of August 7th. Those are the dates you need to go look at in your life. What were you doing around those days?

Here in New Hampshire these dates were both within 24 hours of Voting days. In a public sense this eclipse has a lot to do with our current administration, local, state and federal elections.

What were you doing then, what choices were you making? So look back to Feb. and Nov. 2016, this is important for what is ahead because as I have already stated everything we do creates our current reality and this Full Moon Eclipse is showing us the results of our actions over the last 18 months.

This happens all the time at every lunar cycle, so you can see why we need to keep our thoughts in the light and as positive as possible as much as possible. We are manifesting all the time and not even knowing it.

So let’s work with this Full Moon in Aquarius energy; here are some of the things Aquarius is in charge of. Look at this list and pick out what is true for you. Anything in regard to high tech and social media, long term goals, innovative ideas, Astrology, working for the good of the whole, humanitarian endeavors, freedom, breaking the rules, friends, groups, networking, unbending beliefs, and being to detached.

Anything ring a bell or two for you? It does not have to be everything listed above, that would be too much, just look at that list again see what resonates for you and then follow the steps of surrendering as I already mentioned.

(Open up your heart to what is, to what we have manifested to this point, and simply allow the things that are no longer useful for our growth to melt away then we have done our duty and used this Full Moon Eclipse to the best of our ability. Allowing things to be as they are and that also means if something is not working, whatever that may be, please let it go).

Don’t forget to watch the Video forecast too. It is on the Media Page, use the Media tab above.

Blessings and Namaste’ Dorothy


New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017

This is the first of two Leo New Moons in a row, how exciting!

The second one is the Eclipse August 21st

The New Moon on July 23rd is at zero degrees of Leo and conjunct the Sun and Mars at sunrise, 5:45 am east coast time.

What an amazing time for renewed focus and igniting new passion. New Moons are not big game changers over all but what they are is an opportunity to set realistic goals for yourself using your emotions and feelings as a guild.

Since Mars is right with the Moon and Sun we will get extra drive to make things happen in our creative lives. This is because when the Sun and Mars are in Leo it is hot and dry, the Moon’s nature adds a little water to the mix and we have stream. Think of a steam engine in a train. Building its power slowly; it starts moving slowly, by the time the engine is at full power there is no stopping it.

The Moon and everything in our solar system has a cycle beyond what we know. We are not just trying to manifest stuff in one month we are also working on personal growth and creating a stronger sense of self and awareness over time, this happens every month just not to many of us talk about it.

So let me give you some questions to ponder in the short term and long term. Hopefully this might help you focus a little better.

With this New Moon we should ask ourselves what we want. New Moons are dark so there is time before and the 48 hours after the New Moon to go within and see what you want and need. Please slow down long enough and do this for yourself.

Are you getting what you need? Are you asking for what you need? Are you spending too much time doing for everyone else and not enough time for yourself? This is pure Leo energy and you need to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be recognized for who you are and what you are doing. This is not being egotistical, for most of us this is an opportunity to feel acknowledged and appreciated and grow our own self esteem over the coming months.

What else do we focus on when the Moon is in Leo? How about your creativity, or love and romance, how long has it been since you played and had fun like a kid? When was the last time you opened your heart to love? Leo is a powerful force within us and we all need to tap into it here and there.

Yes Leo can be proud, loves to have fun, playful like a child, and has a big heart. If we go overboard with Leo we will be arrogant and prideful. I think we all know someone who always needs to be the center of attention and that can be exhausting? Let’s try not and go that far.

Some additional info: this New Moon is the first of two in a row in this sign. It happens since we have 13 lunar cycles a year. But the media only picks this up when there are two Full Moons in a calendar month. They call it a Blue Moon. The New Moon Eclipse on August 21st will be the second New Moon in Leo. Not a Blue Moon but a chance to start and finish our work in the energy of Leo since we have a New Moon at 0 and 28 degrees of Leo. It is like parenthesizes around words that are important to the author. The Universe is telling us Leo is very important this year, so re-read this and find the key words that stand out to you. Not everything mentioned in this report will important to everyone. We are all different and things are very personal.

Like I said in the beginning, slow down and take this time for yourself to discover what it is you want and need in your life so you can have fun, creativity, love and recognition for who you are.

On a final note this New Moon is also a few hours after a square aspect to Uranus. Sometimes this creates sudden changes in mood or what we are giving our attention too. So if you are planning to far in advance, remember things can change at the drop of a hat. We will want to stay on our toes for a few days.

Blessings, Dorothy

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Full Moon in Capricorn July 8/9 2017

Emotional Upheavals ~ Finding Your Center


Depending on your location the Full Moon may be on the 8th or 9th of July. East coast it is July 9th at 7 minutes pasted midnight.

When the Moon is full in Capricorn we need to let go of over controlling things and working too hard. There are times when we forget why we are working and get lost in it leaving everything else in life behind. We have an opportunity to feel grounded with this full Moon, strong in the things we believe in, dependable and reliable.

The Capricorn Moon can be the calm in the storm if we know who we are and are comfortable with that. This is a good thing because we have had a lot of emotional upheavals lately due to all the Cancer energy that is present and this Capricorn Moon can help to stabilize some of the things in our lives that have felt out of control.

Ever since the New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd that include Mercury and Mars in emotional Cancer as well, we have had multiple transits that are firing up our unexpressed feelings and things we need to say but have not yet. With Mars in Cancer we can clear out stuck and old emotions and it can happen quickly. That means we say what is on our minds and sometimes words can hurt, so be aware of this.


Sometimes we need to be pushed to take action. There is nothing like feeling overly emotional about something to get a person motivated. On June 28, and a few days before, we had Mercury and Mars coming together and in an opposition to Pluto. Mercury and Mars in Cancer will inspire emotional conversations, dynamic debates and even heated arguments. Sometimes we can handle these things easily and sometime we can’t. One way or another any emotions you have been holding back will be released.

If you are feeling edgy and know there is an argument in your future, think it through before you engage. You just might want to hold off for a little while and let any built up stress or anger dissipate a little before engaging.

Our family duties and responsibilities to family are also heightened during the end of June and into July.


On July 2nd Mars and Pluto are exactly opposite and that will be intense. These two planets engaged like this are typically volatile. I am pretty certain we will see this in the world around us and for some people it will be in our personal worlds.

With Mars and Pluto connected as they are during our Full Moon in Capricorn we can expect a serious kick in the butt to make changes in regards to family and career.

Are we also so focused on our work that we forget why we are working? Our families is why: we need to be aware of the time we spend with them and the things we do for them. Working too much is not that good for family relations.


I know when we have a Full Moon in Capricorn, family and work obligations show up, but again since we have Pluto and Mars connected too we must go deeper and if you don’t take charge of your current life situations these transits can at times present us with situations that move us and motivate us to make the changes we should.


Our ways of doing things and addressing emotional family issues can be practical and traditional at this time because of the Capricorn Full Moon on July 8/9.


We have the Moon and Pluto conjunct; opposite the Sun and Mars that are also conjunct, with Jupiter at the middle this creates what we call a Cardinal “T” square. This means when we take action it will be big. We have 5 planets all within a few degrees of each other and that means they must all work together and they are ready to begin something but first we must let something go. This is group power and these are the transits changes are made by.

This Full Moon has a Powerful Punch to uproot our fears and change our foundations all for the better in the long run. What happens is enough stress is created and that in turn creates awareness of what needs to shift or change. If you are an aware being you can do this on your own and not wait for things to feel tough to make changes.


Like I have already said, with this Full Moon we are being made aware of family issues, karma and concerns related to your family, your history, how hard you work; do you feel confident in yourself? How about self-esteem, what does that look like for you? Are there people around you saying things that compromise your self-esteem and make you doubt yourself, even though you work more overtime then anyone else? This Full Moon wants us to let go of the things that make us feel insecure when we are actually hard working knowledgeable people.


Now remember each family has their own issues of course so that detail will vary person to person.  Knowing we all have family concerns and insecurities around our families will be helpful to move with this Full Moon so we can set goals for our future and feel safe while moving through doubt and fear.


The changes and awareness that happen within a few days of this Full Moon are significant so be ready. There are things that will come to the surface quickly and it will be clear what the issue is to you and yours. I cannot tell you what your issue is in this report that requires a personal session. But if you are conscious enough you will know what is important for you and your family. What your foundation looks like and any new responsibilities that might arise or need to be released.

With all my love and blessings, Dorothy

It is fine to share this report where ever you find it just include my name and website., Dorothy Morgan

New Moon in Cancer June 23, 2017 10:31 pm ET

Creating Stronger Foundations ~ Maintaining Emotional Balance

On Friday June 23rd we have the New Moon in Cancer. The basic information about this New Moon is about creating a stronger foundation and maintaining emotional balance. We should be focusing on home and family, caring and nurturing, security and protection, and creating routines. Do you feel vulnerable? Are you able to open up and be intimate? Can you be supportive or do you need to figure out how to receive support from another? Are you overly emotional fearful of rejection? Are you super sensitive of other people’s feelings?

Take some time and examine these items and questions for yourself, this is exactly what a New Moon in Cancer is asking from us and we will have extra help with these items thanks to a few other planets. Read on and I will explain.


The first thing I want to do is give you some understanding of Cancer through the eyes of the native. The following are things Cancer people feel all the time, some people are good at handling their emotions and their stuff and some people are not.

I think of my father a New Moon Cancer man, he has been a crab his whole life, (yes I did say that, Cancer is the Crab) never integrating his feelings in a healthy way. Men in his generation (he is 85) where not allowed to have their emotions, and his upbringing was strict, how hard that must have been for him. He has always either hidden in his shell or expelling his emotions loudly. Yup that would be yelling. J

So we have two distinctive sides to every zodiac sign and of course many shades of gray in between depending on your level of awareness. This kind of energy and behaviour is what we are all getting a taste of with this New Moon in Cancer. It is an opportunity to really connect with what we want and need in regards to our emotional security, family, support and all the other things already listed in the first paragraph.

So the assignment with this New Moon in Cancer is to set goals relating to the changes you want to make in your life around your emotional health, your family, how you feel safe and secure at home. Are there changes that need to happen in your family or where you live? New Moons are about setting goals and reaching for the stars, but sometimes we have to let go of something first before the new can arrive. So keep that in mind too, if something is ready to leave your life let it leave, then you set some fresh goals now that there is space to do it.


There is more than just the New Moon today we also have Mercury and Mars in Cancer all within range of each other. This means our emotions are heightened even more so then ever. Let me break it down a little.


Mercury is in Cancer and he is moving very fast through the zodiac he is also what we call “Out of Bounds” this is when a planet moves off the path of the ecliptic. It is kind of like driving your car next to the paved road but not on it. It is said when a planet is in this condition it acts extreme in the nature of the planet and the sign it is currently in. So what does this mean for Mercury in Cancer? It means there is a lot of emotional talking, animated conversations, overly emotional conversations, very active mind based on emotions. Everyone will be in a hurry and talking fast.

I have this in my natal chart, Mercury out of bounds in cancer. Have you even seen me talk, my hands are all over the place and I am louder than my usual when emotionally charged, I do talk really fast when I am not paying attention. Maybe I have my Father to thank for that learned behavior and maybe it is just because my Mercury, planet of communication is very emotional. *I don’t yell any more now that I am aware of that placement.

You can be aware now too, with Mercury in Cancer for only 2 weeks June 22nd to July 5th this is your opportunity to see your own emotional makeup and make adjustments were you see fit. Just what the New Moon is looking for.


We also have Mars in Cancer and he too is “Out of Bounds” and the Sun is in Cancer as well, these two are naturally fire and with both of them in a water sign we can expect emotions to flare up significantly. We will see this in the world around us and in some cases this will trigger our own emotions within and that is exactly what it should do. This can be the motivation some people need to create the change they are looking for but are afraid to do.

This energy is hot and wet at the same time. Fire and water create stream so be careful not to get burned. Many of us will be feeling angry and upset off and on throughout the time the Sun is in Cancer June 21st to July 22nd because the Sun and Mars are neck and neck moving through this sign bring up what has been hidden and private in your life so you can “feel it to heal it”. I prefer that over the preverbal 2X4 across the head. I hope you do too.


But there is more; we also have some other aspects that happen during and within a few days of this New Moon. Mars is square to Jupiter and opposite Pluto. Mercury will be involved for a few days at the New Moon too. The Astrology of it is a Cardinal “T” square. All of this activity means we can be incredibly impulsive, emotions running higher than anyone can imagine. Watch your words, check-in on yourself and see how you feel, back down if someone else is picking a fight and find your own center, your own emotional foundation. Take breaks from the world or the people that stress you out.

I have to say if you can get into a place that is caring and nurturing for yourself and family then that is perfect for the month of Cancer.

If you get triggered and decide to engage in the emotional outbursts of others then that is fine too. Maybe you need to be pushed so you can learn to create your own space. Both of these choices are equally valid and so the “T” square has done its job of motivating you into action in some way.

Woweee what an emotional month.

June 9th Full Moon in Sagittarius

Is It Time to Play Yet? Yes it is.


The Full Moon is at 18 degrees of Sagittarius at 9:10 am ET on June 9th. To me this is one of the easier Full Moons of the year. If life has been hard for you lately then use what this Full Moon has to offer.


Personally I enjoy life a lot when the Full Moon is in Sagittarius because it is exciting and fun. Sagittarius is spontaneous and adventurous, we like exploring our world, learning about things we do not know and how it impacts our lives.

We should all be learning through life experiences as this graces us with wisdom which only comes through experiencing things…..

As we move closer and closer to the eclipses in August with each New and Full Moon we have an opportunity to understand ourselves more and at a deeper level.


When it comes to learning Sagittarius is in charge of the bigger things, for instance; what do you believe? What are your Spiritual practices? How about philosophy?  Have you been thinking about higher education lately? What about writing or at least journaling. Have you been working on publishing something? It doesn’t have to be a book, it can be any kind of knowledge based information you want to share with the world. For instance; I am still working on some short educational videos that will be on my web site for sale over the coming few months.


What else is there? Sagittarius is in charge of foreign places and people. During this Full Moon we will certainly see the results of Governments interactions with each other. Things that are hidden do come to a head during Full Moons.

On a personal level ask yourself this question if you will. What do you have hidden? What have you said or done recently that may come back at you? Gemini can agree to everything and say what is needed to fill in empty space, but is it true? So what I am saying here is this, be mindful of the promises you make, you may not be able to keep them all.


During this Full Moon we also have Mars in Cancer. When Mars is in this sign we all feel a lot more emotional. Let me explain. Mars is in charge of the element of Fire and he is in a Water sign, the Moon is in charge of Water and she is in a Fire sign today. Mars is also in an extreme position in the solar system called “Out of Bounds”. All of these things can create hot tempers and sudden choices are made. Mars does not understand why he is feeling so much and just wants to fix it not feel it. But that is not purpose of this transit, the purpose is to feel and figure out how to honor those feelings. At the very least in hindsight we will be able to understand our emotions more just not while we are unconsciously in them.

We could also feel highly motivated to take action where we have been sitting still. Remember we always have the choice to do what we want. Astrology never makes us do anything.
The Sun and Pluto are also interacting with each other today and it is not an easy connection. These two energies are struggling, the Sun in Gemini wants to play, talk and socialize in a light carefree way, and Pluto on the other hand wants us to go deep, take everything seriously, and figure out how we are changing in the deepest psychological way possible.

Two very different energies that will fight each other, the Sun moves quickly and this connection will be over before most of us feel the deepness or confusion of this transit. We might feel as if we are off course or simply a little crabby for a few days but it will pass for most of us quickly.

If you are born within a week of June 9 like me then you are and will be dealing with this Pluto transit for a long time. Life for you is currently all about changing your core values and beliefs.

This reminds me of how deep and complex Astrology really is and I know, I have been studying it for 29 years. But on the other hand every week for over 10 years now I have either written or produced a video forecast in a way that is simple and easy to understand in Gemini fashion. I try my best anyway.

So no matter what life looks like at this moment in time, with this Full Moon and all the other things happening on this day you can make the choice to enjoy your life in every moment; that is the essence of this fiery adventurous Full Moon. Let go of your self-imposed limitations and be free to explore your world and learn something new


New Moon at 4 Gemini May 25, 2017

Our Need to Communicate…..


Is There a Failure to Communicate?

May 25th at 3:44 pm ET is the New Moon in Gemini at 4 degrees. In a nut shell this New Moon is here to remind us we need to communicate better and set new goals around communication, listening, socialization and gathering information. We may also simply say “lets’ talk it out”. If there is something going on in your personal life that you need to have a conversation about then now is the time to get things going and start that conversation.

Gemini also loves to move around and feel the freedom of the road. We are an active zodiac sign and so is this time of year.


We also have another transit to consider today; actually it started on May 22nd when the Moon connected to Venus and also Pluto. Let me break this down for you now.


On Monday May 22nd at 10:09 am ET the Moon and Venus are conjunct, both in Aries and both are squaring off with Pluto.

We want to be self-sufficient, independent, and free. We are ready to take on the world because we feel edgy and there is something that is challenging us.


If your focus on May 22nd through the New Moon on May 25th is a personal relationship then you may sense the need to be self-sufficient, independent, and free from any restrictions, self-imposed or otherwise, in that relationship.

Please keep in mind these may be your feelings or it could be your partner that is inspired to make some changes. Either way the feelings will be the same and you will experience this energy through another.

The square aspect of the Moon and Venus to Pluto adds control issues to the mix so another question arises, are you being manipulated or are you manipulating others? Are you in control of your personal power or have you given it away? I know that can be serious stuff if we are not paying attention.

Guess what? You are paying attention if you are reading this. You are being made aware of a relationship issue that is true for SOME people during this New Moon.

Those of you not in a love relationship may still have close friendships that you can experience this through. They are just important as spousal relationships.


Let’s not forget business partnerships. If you and your business partner need to work out some details in an area of your business then now is when the details and missing pieces in your partnership will rise to the surface.


Ever since the beginning of the year we have had multiple things pushing us in the relationship and partnerships sector in our lives. Jupiter in Libra is making every issue bigger than it really is so we can see it better.

The opposition of Jupiter and Uranus has pushed people over the edge when it comes to needing freedom and having personal space.

Venus was either in her shadow or retrograde from January 30th through May 19th. That also highlighted the fact that personal or close partnerships and relationships were all up for a reevaluation.

The transits of the Moon, Venus and Pluto on May 22nd with the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th are the beginning of the ending of all those relationship issue and we are starting a new lunar phase that moves in 9 month increments.


Even though this is a short transit it can still bring up old issues in regards to communicating affectively. Once we see what that is we can then initiate a new beginning and fresh start with our communication skills on the New Moon of May 25th.

What we start with this New Moon will grow and on the 1st quarter Moon in Gemini on February 23, 2018 we will be able to see the results of the work we are beginning now.


So if there has been a failure to communicate in any of your relationships now is good time to begin addressing those concerns. This has been a long time coming and will be worth our effort.


We even have Mars currently in Gemini; while it is not connected to the New Moon it does add fuel to the fire. When the elements of Fire and Air come together, and they do when Mars is in Gemini, we have a lot of power to initiate communications, but we may also start heated conversations and have plenty of arguments so watch out for that too.


To sum up this New Moon in Gemini in one short sentence; we need to create a new line of communication in every situation as written about above and any other area you come up with too.


In the long run, we always need to remember we are our own authority. The things written about here are my opinion and just a few of many scenarios that can play out with these planets. Being I am a Gemini I figure I have leg up on this sign.


If you like what you read or saw on the video please consider sharing with friends and social media sights. All I ask is you keep my information intact.


Brightest blessings, Dorothy Morgan

New Hampshire Astrologer


Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th5:42 pm ET

Deep Emotions Will Rise…..

There is always so much to talk about in what seems like a simple Full Moon report so I will just dive right in.

Full Moons are for reflection so we can identify and release what no longer serves us. This is the time of the month when the day and night have a lot of light. So during this time we can see most things that are hidden from sight.


The Moon is our emotions, how we care and nurture others and how we want to be cared for based on our childhoods and the nurturing nature of our mother and family unit. When it comes to the Moon we want to feel connected to those we love and call family. It is also our own emotions and how we respond emotionally to life situations. Once a month we have a Full Moon in a zodiac sign and that means in that month we get to focus a little longer on one thing; this month it is Scorpio’s turn to be the center of our attention.

Now what does that mean? Scorpio is the sign of transformation and regeneration, secrets and financial resources that are not our own like banks or inheritances. Scorpio is intense, deep and will engage on the deepest level she can.

All of this means we may be obsessive during this time when we are not typically an obsessive person. We will all feel deep emotion and if something has been bothering you will start wondering what is going on and ask yourself; why is everyone so emotional all of a sudden?


The Moon in the sign of Scorpio is intense and secretes do come to the surface when the Moon is Full in Scorpio.


If you need to work something out with a person you are emotionally connected to now is a great time to do it if you want to know every little detail. But be warned sometimes more things come the surface then we ever even knew was there. Deep dark secretes can be reveal and we wish we never opened that can of worms.


During this Full Moon the Lunar nodes are very close to the Eclipse point of August 21st. This eclipse will be seen in the USA and will dominate the news. Why is this important now? The Lunar Nodes represent our Souls Path. When the Nodes connect to where the eclipse will be (yes a few months ahead of time) we get an early notice of what is going on in August when the eclipse arrives. There already is a lot of hype around this. YOU now have a heads up to pay attention early May and you will get a clue as to what the big eclipse August 21st is about for you.

Since this going on at the same time as the Full Moon in Scorpio I recommend we all take a good hard look at what we need to release since releasing is the nature of a Full Moon.

Scorpio is not a fan of letting things go until he understands every last detail so take some time during this Full Moon to evaluate what needs a massive overhaul in your life and figure out how you can release whatever that is before we get to the Full Moon and especially before the eclipse in August.

I will be doing the forecast for the eclipses super early so keep an eye out for it and if you subscribe you will get this forecast automatically. 

It is through our own deep connections with ourselves and our partners that true transformation and change can happen. The Full Moon in Scorpio is always emotionally intense so ride the wave.


A few extra notes: during the Full Moon Mercury and Uranus are conjunct again and this is the 3rd hit between these two because Mercury was retrograde. This along with the Full Moon encourages us to speak our truth, be open and honest. Doing this through speaking or written word will feel amazing and be incredibly healing.


So get out your paper and start writing, look at what you want and what you don’t want. What is working and what is not. Go deep, this is not the Full Moon to be superficial, we can go very very deep in discovering what we need to release. This is not an easy task but it is one that will be well worth it in the end.


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