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Available Astrology Sessions

Natal Prediction Progressed Solar More *
Natal Chart Interpretations

This is an in depth look at you and only you, based on the date, time and place of your birth. It’s not a simplified app or Sun-Sign report. Computers are wonderful, but there’s nothing like an actual human being to explain things through a look at your entire chart, not just isolated pieces of it.

Prediction Chart
This reading helps you to plan ahead for the best dates to start and/or complete projects.
No matter what area of your life you are seeking guidance. Working with the planets will help.
Work, money, relationships, health, career or children, there is no limit to the subject matter.

Progressed Chart
This is a wonderful tool for seeing were we are headed from the Soul perspective. As we mature so does our chart. This is a special way to look at your soul’s growth and the underlying trends in all matters.

Solar Return Chart

The Solar return chart occurs on your birthday, when the Sun returns to its original place at the time you were born. This reading will provide you with a snapshot of the year ahead as well as your main focus for the upcoming year.

* It is not necessary for you to choose the exact reading you would like if this confuses you. We will talk with each other ahead of time and sort it out.

If you are a first time client please book an hour or hour and a half session using the BookedIN button on the left.

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