The Astrology and Numerology of the Spring Eclipses 2021

Co starring Mercury Retrograde

Tuesday April 20, 2021   7:00—9:00 PM EST

 Zoom link will be send day of the lecture


2020 Stopped us from doing our lectures together in person. WE ARE BACK

Darlene Chadbourne and I are teaming up once again and I am so excited to do something that feels normal. Albeit on Zoom still. 

We have Two Eclipses coming up this Spring, May 26 and June 10, 2021.  

What do these powerful eclipses mean for you personally and to humanity as a whole? 

DOROTHY will inform us what the overall expectation of these eclipses are and how to use them.

DARLENE will inform us of their meanings through Numerology.  I can’t wait to hear this!

Simultaneously we have Mercury retrograde in Gemini so if time we will talk about the implications of that as well.

This is an interactive workshop so please bring your questions and your chart, as we explore together the power behind the changes brought about by these eclipses.  



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The Seacoast Astrological Association  2020 Schedule I might be thinking about getting it up and running on line.

Doors open at 10:30 the lectures begin promptly at 11:00, we are typically done by 12:30 pm so you can be on your way and have the rest of the day.

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Numerology and Astrology Overview and Insights 2020
With Darlene Chadbourne Master Numerologist
Dorothy Morgan Master Astrologer
What will 2020 bring?
Thank you to all who hosted us this year.

We presented this lecture 6 times. If you are interested in hosting us next year reach out. We would be happy to speak with you.

No knowledge of Astrology or Numerology is necessary to join.

Astrology: 2020 will be an exciting year, a year that begins with an eclipse and with Saturn-Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn can encourage us to be empowered and break free from our outdated beliefs.

The last time they were together in Capricorn was 1518. This was when Martin Luther attached his thesis to the door of the catholic church beginning a new era.

What new era are you creating in your life in 2020? His actions contained a very powerful seed that we can build upon, which is often the way with Pluto and then Saturn. What are you planting in 2020?

This year we also have 6 eclipses which is 2 more than normal, meaning we are all being ushered quickly into a new paradigm.

Venus will retrograde this year as well as Mars, giving us ample opportunities to understand how well we are communicating and acting in our personal connections.

The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2020 begins another new cycle based around religion, beliefs, economic and political matters.

Numerology: Looking ahead to 2020 Double 2’s and Double 0’s WOW!

We haven’t seen this energy signature since 2002. What will it bring us this time? Do you recall what was going on for you 18 years ago? Have you evolved in that time frame? Have you met your goals that you set back then? How will you take things to the next level?

This 3 hour presentation promises to be so full of information that will take all year to unpack.

Darlene Chadbourne: is an intuitive Master Numerologist and Full Potential Consultant, guiding men and women for their entire lifespan, to find their passion, purpose, and self-confidence. Darlene provides in-depth personal readings with spot on guidance and validation about relationships and challenging personal transitions.

Dorothy Morgan: is a Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant. She began studying Astrology in 1988, and is also an Astrology teacher, intuitive and Angel Healing Practitioner. Her consultations are easy to understand and practical, keeping the astrology jargon to a minimum, allowing you to gain a better understanding and not leave the session in a fog. As a teacher, she is practical, logical and guarantees you will always have a lot of fun in her classes.

Bring something to record the class if you like and/or bring your notebook and pen.


If you are interested in hosting this lecture please message me, we can talk about availability.