Elizabeth H.  January 12, 2020

Thanks so much, Dorothy!! After we hung up I had tears in my eyes because you reaffirmed what I’ve been hoping for. You’re the best! 🙂

So happy for you with your success in your Astrology business- you’re very talented.

Alan O’Connor
December 26, 2019
It was a year ago that you did my reading. For some reason I listened to the recording today and it was so accurate! You really did an amazing job on the eclipse events. You were right about my teaching getting better. I got much work got done in that area and you nailed my Saturn return predictions. I just want to say thank you and we may need to do another session soon. Blessings my friend.

Erica Savage
November 1, 2019
Today I experienced the most amazing session with Dorothy. It was like she’s known me my whole life. I have never experienced anything like this before. I can’t pin point exact what is was but it certainly was an eye opener and extremely helpful! The bonus was she recorded our session so I can download it and listen to it anytime i want!! Thank you again Dorothy for our amazing session! Totally worth it! Will definitely do it again

Shelley McKinnon-Cleary is feeling grateful.
July 18 at 12:22 AM

Dorothy Morgan is by far one of the touch stones in my life for checking in and making sure that things get perspective from a wider view. In the MANY years that we have been talking she has gifted me with her celestial insight with family, business and personal situations. I cannot for the life of me think of a time when she wasn’t spot on ~ especially today. THANK YOU for pursuing your dream and being the consummate professional that you are. I always and will continue to recommend NH Astrologer

Hello Dorothy.
I am reading all of your newsletter forecasts and just want to thank you for your work and blessings it’s just so helpful for me to understand whats going on in my life. As a Leo I’m going through some hard things and your forecasts keep my mind strong. Thank you again.
Best regards Mert.
April 19, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I am lucky in that I had an astrology chart read with Dorothy this week. I already had a basic understanding of my natal chart but she certainly enhanced that a few layers! Then we went into a progressed reading due to a major issue I have going on and gave me the insight I needed for the upcoming year. Lastly I had the cliche question of what is my Life Purpose?
She helped me to see how clear and simple it was based on understanding my nodes. Thank you Dorothy and I’ll let you know how it turns pout and look forward to connecting again in a few months.

Lisa Lewis NH  March 2019


Thank you for another amazing reading!! The information you offer is always spot on. Each time I put together a business plan, your information about the timing – the best time to launch, reassess or change directions – has helped me immensely.

When I am feeling restless or agitated you are always able to point to the astrological reason which helps me to understand the dynamics that I am dealing with, how to work with the energies and how long the crazies will plague me.

As to planning my future or understanding what is coming my way it is always nice to know what is up for me whether it be prosperity, changes or a need to go within. I can always count on you to make my growth and development as well as my life easier. You’re the best.

I have been studying astrology with Dorothy for the past six months. Previously, I studied with a few other people but didn’t feel I was progressing as I should. Since studying with Dorothy, my knowledge and understanding of astrology has grown by leaps and bounds.

Dorothy is an amazingly gifted teacher and very intuitive. She has encouraged me to approach astrology using my intuition and the knowledge that I have acquired which has led me to a much richer and stronger understanding and knowledge of astrology.

Dorothy is incredibly knowledgeable about astrology and I like the fact that she works with me to help me understand what I am studying rather than simply telling me how to interpret or understand something. She definitely encourages me and whets my appetite to study and learn more. She is the best astrology teacher I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her.

Dorothy Morgan is a truly exceptional teacher! She is fun and engaging with no holds barred! Her classes are as entertaining as they are educational!
Dorothy is a gifted teacher with a keen awareness of her student’s personal understanding of astrology. Dorothy is very adept at teaching novice and advanced students in the same classroom, allowing them to expand their knowledge through the shared experience.

Dorothy also takes the time to study each student’s charts, in detail, and draws on that to offer information to them in ways that they will best be able to understand and assimilate.

Dorothy’s lessons are both intellectual and experiential. In the ongoing classes we learn the basics and practical applications. Through observing the influence the planets are having on us in our own personal charts, as well as how they are being felt by our fellow students in their unique charts, we are able to discern so much about the subtle differences that the houses and aspects play in very real and tangible ways. This has been such a rich and valuable experience!

Thank you so much, Dorothy!
Laurra Sheldon
Reiki Master, Lightworker, Shamanic Practitioner

During the course of a year I have taken bi-monthly astrology classes with professional Astrologer, Dorothy Morgan. These small group sessions are fun, affordable and most of all they have helped me understand astrology in a whole new way!

For 35 years I had studied astrology on my own and in one year of classes with Dorothy I learned more than I had in 35 years by myself. If you have an interest in becoming an astrologer or just want to be able to understand how the planets affect our days, our lives and our relationships, Dorothy can and will help you!
Kennebunkport, ME

I find Dorothy’s classes are a combination of learning and fun at the same time! She’s got a wonderful sense of humor which makes learning that much more interesting. When I first started taking classes a few years ago I knew about sun signs (horoscopes). I now realize that sun signs only make up a small part of the personality and have used it not only to understand my strengths and weaknesses but also those of my family, friends and clients. We are so much more than just the date and month that we were born and I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in making this part of their spiritual journey.

Dorothy not only uses astrology during her sessions but also digs into her spiritual toolbox using things like oracle cards and most especially her innate intuitiveness. During personal sessions she has guided me as to the best timing for things such as selling property and other important life decisions. She was also incredibly helpful to us in determining exit windows when we were going through hospice with my mom. It gave us the opportunity to prepare ourselves emotionally so that we could enjoy the time we did have with her yet be strong enough to help mom when the time did come to cross.
Mary Nason
Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner

Dorothy Morgan has a way of explaining and interpreting astrological transits and aspects that is easy to understand and relatable. She is an excellent teacher who graciously shares her knowledge so that anyone interested can learn more about astrology.

I especially love her full and new moon interpretations, and have used many of her affirmations in my practice. Thank you, Dorothy, for making astrology more accessible to all of us.
Harriette Knight
Healer, Psychic Medium, and Author

Hi Dorothy,
Just wanted to send you a hearty THANK YOU for a great session last week. I think it was spot on and immensely interesting! You impressed me with your knowledge of astrology and what my natal chart, progressions, transits, etc. were indicating for the next few months.

You offered a tremendous amount of advice, direction and encouragement… and frankly those things were invaluable. You provided a thorough explanation of what’s been going on in my life recently, and more importantly, what to expect in the near future, especially regarding my finances and my career.

You went a step further and offered very specific advice, which I am taking by the way. The cherry on top was the assurance you gave me that good things are coming up and that’s given me a precious thing… HOPE!
Hugs & Blessings to you,

I have known Dorothy for a number of years and have had a number of astrology readings with her. Dorothy is a warm and compassionate woman with a keen wit and intelligence.

Her depth of knowledge in astrology is amazing, and she provides guidance in a way that is intelligible to me, even though I am no where close to being an adept in astrology. Her advice has always been spot on.
Kathryn Samuelson
Intuitive, Life Coach and Author

I’ve been to a number of astrologers over the last seven years. They were all over the place with their predictions, and some overemphasized obscure concepts like solar return travel or ancient interpretative methods, or were just sour and negative.

While I never doubted the truth behind astrology, some astrologers made it more difficult than it needed to be. That’s why Dorothy Morgan tops them all. She’s a highly effective communicator whose straightforward approach is not only succinct and understandable, but also quite accurate and incisive.

Granted, she told me much of what I was hoping to hear about this upcoming year (as the planets are finally aligning in my favor), but still spoke in a way that was grounded and practical. I recommend Dorothy to anyone with any lingering personal question, concern, or unresolved long-term problem to provide you with answers and interpretations based on the wisdom of the ages.

I have been lucky enough to receive readings from Dorothy Morgan off and on many times over the last several years. Her readings have always given me new perspectives to see old problems from, particularly when I have found myself trapped on “old” patterns that no longer serve me.

Her advice has helped me make some pretty difficult decisions without leading me, preaching to me or telling me what I “should” do. Discovering new ways to approach or look at old habits has helped me make sound decisions based on how I want to grow and prosper when life gets hectic and change happens rather than my old habit of wanting to change but letting myself get swept away by events when life gets a little chaotic.

Her compassion coupled with amazing insight and intuition have more than once brought me clarity in the midst of major life “storms”. I highly recommend Dorothy whether you are looking for answers in the midst of chaos, or just wanting a way to keep checking in with yourself as you grow.
M’elle Pirri-Lee, PT
Saratoga Springs, NY

I just had the best astrology reading ever! I am so amazed at how all the planetary information has given me TOTAL validation of my path this year.

I never knew how helpful and supportive this type of reading could be but I’m glad Dorothy & I crossed paths recently and decided to give this a try! I am sure to bless and honor this new connection!
Thank you Dorothy Morgan
Pamela Dussault Runtagh

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. You are a very gifted and special person. Your input really helped to put my mind at ease. I am certain our paths will cross again.
Take care,

Hi Dorothy,
Thank you for talking with me today about my chart and the upcoming eclipses. It was helpful and insightful.

Dorothy Morgan is a great confirming resource for me. I have worked with her 4 times, when I needed more clarity on the timing of things. Most recently my selling my home and moving to the Santa Fe area. I highly recommend her to help you on your journey to who you are and how life may effect you within your chart and your world.

A great support to my inner knowing and a way to help things go smoother. The dates she gave me ended up being the dates I was in NM and found my new home! Most extraordinary ! Amazed as I looked back on my notes on what would be the best timing for finding a new home. I will continue to use her talents and to recommend her.
Jeri La Shay.

Dorothy provided me information about the past which was so apt that I was really listening carefully when she told me about present trends and future developments. She communicated in a straightforward manner and was very responsive to my particular concerns.

Her reading helped me understand my current situation as part of the bigger picture of my life’s path. The information gave me hope and was practical as well as it suggested good timing for initiating certain changes in my life.
Ruth Wilson

Dear Dorothy,
I had a fascinating experience this morning after our phone session which I thought you would appreciate professionally and perhaps for yourself personally (that is, you may find yourself venturing outdoors today and be greeted with a message).

I went to a park nearby where it’s solitary and I have easy access to a small creek with picnic table and bench by the water. Began my smudging routine for New Moon with the goal we discussed, “I easily accept transformation into harmony.”

I began as I usually do, facing East, turning South, then West and finish facing North. When I was facing West, two hawks rose in the distance from the trees and flew toward me. They paused directly overhead about 15-20 feet above me and circled each other for about 20 seconds, then flew off into the East.

Well. ok, then. Wow. Message received. So I added another goal to my smudging: I easily accept the death and transformation of old ways and welcome the birth of the new journey. Went back to picnic table and wrote a poem about it that I plan to use in the chapter I’m writing now.

Very cool. And thank you for your insights and suggestions.